Bad breath and diabetes are often related and bad breath is a common side effect for many diseases.  This is due to many reasons. Diabetes alters the body’s physiology. The blood turns acidic in diabetic patients as the liver processes fatter than required leading to ketoacidosis.  Diabetic medications are also a reason for bad breath during diabetes.

Oral Diseases

Why Diabetic Patients Get Gum Diseases Frequently?

Blood Vessel Damage

Diabetes damages the blood vessels as there is more sugar in the blood and causes inflammation of tissues in different parts of the body.  This hugely affects blood circulation which in turn makes the gums and teeth weak and makes the oral cavity-prone to infections. 

High Blood Glucose Levels

High blood glucose levels in the blood will increase sugar levels in the saliva making it a suitable environment for many disease-causing bacteria. These bacteria will feed and eliminate waste in the mouth and form plaque.  Poor oral hygiene and not removing plaque regularly from the mouth will cause various gum diseases.

It’s Two Way between Diabetes and Bad Breath

Most of the periodontal diseases including gingivitis and periodontitis are caused by inflammation. The enzymatic action of pathogenic bacteria influences the inflammatory process all over the body.  This can affect the metabolic process and again elevate blood sugar. It is important to keep track of inflammation and immediately try healing methods to prevent the worsening of diabetes. 

Keto Acidosis

Due to low levels of insulin in the body glucose metabolism is shunned. In turn, the body doesn’t receive the glucose it needs for fuel. Hence, the body starts burning fat and produces ketones as a bi-product. High ketone levels in the body are another cause of bad breath. Ketoacidosis is a dangerous condition and needs immediate attention and hospitalization.

How to Prevent or Control Bad Breath in Diabetic Conditions?

  • Brush your teeth well; every nook and corner
  • Make flossing a daily habit before going to bed
  • Keep your tongue clean. It should be pink, not white
  • Control diabetes and take your medicines regularly
  • Follow a Proper Diabetic Diet

While bad breath can be a cause for embarrassing moments it can also tell a lot about your physical well being.  Bad breath should be taken as a serious condition and should be treated after a proper diagnosis of the underlying issue. If you have diabetes and mouth odor make an appointment with the doctor to check whether your diabetes is under control.