We often splurge on extravagant facials and creams to get that natural glow on our skin. While the chemicals and bleaches in these products might have serious side effects, there are a whole lot of home remedies for skin care sitting right there in our kitchens and rice water is one such magical potion. For ages, rice water has been used in skin and hair treatments. The significance of rice water is most evident in many of the Asian households for its health and beauty benefits.

5 Rice Water Benefits for Healthy Skin

5 Rice Water Benefits for Healthy Skin

1. Lightens Skin Tone

Rice water is one of the most effective natural toners and helps in brightening your skin tone by removing blemishes and scars. It can be either applied directly or added to home-made face packs. Soaked/ fermented rice water can be stored in the fridge for a week and can even be used on a daily basis.

2. Moisturizes Dry Skin

The soothing properties of rice water moisturize dry/ chapped skin. Especially during winter seasons, rice water is a must-have in a beauty regime. You can also use it as a pedicure essential to treat cracked feet.

3. Anti-Aging Agent

Anti-Aging Agent

The water you drain from cooked rice has great starch content than the water you obtain by soaking or fermenting rice. It’s loaded with antioxidants that help the skin retain its elasticity and thus fight to age. The harshness of dark circles, skin loosening, and wrinkles can be reduced to a great extent with regular use of this starchy water.

4. Cure for Sunburn

Tan and sunburns are a common happening in the summer and there’s nothing better than rice water to get rid of them. Wash your face with cold water once you are back home, wipe it clean, and apply a good amount of rice water throughout the face and neck. Apply a second layer on the most affected areas for quick healing.

5. Reduces Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of rice water reduce inflammation and redness from rashes. Almost every other night owl is a victim of under-eye bags and rice water is the best remedy you can ever get. Soak cotton pads in starch water and place over your eyes. Follow this as a routine to get rid of puffy eyes.

Rice Water for Shiny Hair

Rice Water for Shiny Hair

Dust, pollution, and chemical-based shampoos harm our hair making it lose its natural shine. But, rice water has the ability to lock moisture content in the hair by keeping it soft and bouncy. It also acts as a natural cleanser and conditioner for dryness and split ends. 

We spend thousands on makeup and beauty products that can harm the natural essence of our skin and hair. Instead, let’s opt for natural remedies like rice water to stay free from chemical side effects.