According to the new case report, a 38-year old man has been admitted to the hospital with mysterious seizures and it turns out that he had been living with a dead tapeworm in his brain for years. According to doctors, he has no symptoms of tapeworm in his brain. In the United States, around 1000 people have been hospitalized for neurocysticercosis. Brain tapeworm infections are most common in rural areas, where pigs roam freely and eat human feces.  

A 38-year old man from Boston has been admitted to the hospital with mysterious seizures, disorientation, and speaking gibberish. This man has been living his life perfectly without any symptoms, but one day his wife noticed that he fell out of bed and started speaking gibberish and shaking. 

Later, when he arrived at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, the doctors found that he also had another mysterious seizure. The team couldn’t find out what was causing the seizure, as he had no previous medical history related to any disorder. After many tests and analyses, the doctors found that he had been living with tapeworm in the brain and he had no symptoms of it.

To control his seizure, the doctors at the hospital gave him the medication and also conducted various tests and scans. The Brain scan report reveals that he had swelling and three lesions in his brain, which are due to the typical parasitic infection known ad Neurocysticercosis. This can cause seizures and headaches which lead to death when left unnoticed. Tapeworm parasite infection can go undetected for years as there is no symptom of it. 

Where Are Tapeworms Found?

A man with tapeworms in the brain, seems strange right, but how tapeworms are found in the brain? Usually, people get infected with parasites by eating undercooked or infected pork or meat. The eggs from the pork tapeworms can hatch in the body and become larvae and travel throughout your body, into the muscle, and also to your brain through the bloodstream where they form their cysts.

This parasitic infection can spread from one person to another if they don’t wash their hands properly after using the washroom. The tapeworm in brain symptoms is not found randomly. But the symptoms of the parasite-infected person are digestive upset, abdominal pain, and weight loss. 

Usually, the parasite will die within five to 10 years, but they still cause inflammation that can lead to headaches, soreness, and seizures. Tapeworm removal is a process where the doctor will treat the affected person with antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory drugs and monitor him for the next 3 years until his leisure gets cured. 

One of the best ways to prevent the tapeworm parasite is to cook meat, especially pork, at an internal temperature of at least 145 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands, plates, and utensils before eating. Always wash and sanitize your hands after using the washroom.