The New England Journal recently published a report of a 20-year old in New Delhi, India, being taken to the Emergency Room for severe stomach ache, diarrhea, and vomiting. After multiple tests and an ultrasound, the doctors figured out that the boy had worm-like structure moving around in his intestine. The curled-up worms that were also evident in the motion tests were found to be a kind of parasite called Ascaris lumbricoides. These are the most common human parasites around the world and can grow upto 14 inches long.


How Does A. lumbricoides Spread?

These human viruses are usually said to thrive in places with poor sanitation. These can usually develop in the small intestines of people who consume or come in contact with food, water, feces, or sand that contains parasitic eggs. Nearly 807 million to 1.2 billion people around the world are infected by this human roundworm in a year. Infected people who defecate outside in the fields, bushes, or other open areas can easily spread this parasite to anyone who comes in contact with it. Ascaris lumbricoides can also spread when human faeces are used as fertilizers in growing fruits and vegetables. These edibles when eaten raw or not properly cooked can spread the disease to the person who consumes them.


What Is the Cure for People Affected With Ascaris Lumbricoides?

Anti-parasite drugs are given to the people affected with Ascaris lumbricoides. In most cases, the infected person is cured once he passes the roundworms in his stools. The 20-year old boy in this case was also given the same and was discharged the next day after he passed the worms in his stool. Check out home remedies to flush out germs!


How to Prevent Being Infected by Human Parasites?


It is essential to wash your hands thoroughly before consuming food. Fruits and veggies, especially the ones that grow under the ground, should be peeled, washed, and cooked properly to avoid being infected by these human parasites. Proper sanitation along with indoor toilet facilities should be available to people at all times. Defecating outside in the fields and bushes should be strictly banned to make sure this human parasite doesn’t spread.