There comes a point in everyone’s life that they need to wear reading glasses. Changes in vision or any strain on the eyes and blurred vision are common indicators of a vision problem that calls for glasses.
As we age, we also have to the fact that our vision also will not be as sharp as it used to be.

Here are some signs that tell you if you need them:

1)    You need light to read

Does your normal reading light seem to be insufficient to read a book? Or have you suddenly developed the need to use light to read when you normally never needed it?
If you answer yes then you might need to get your eyes checked and have to wear reading glasses.

Reading glasses

2)    You keep getting headaches

Eyestrain is the cause of a lot of headaches. So if your eye has been taking a lot of strain it can cause headaches.

3)    You see halos or experiencing blurred vision or can’t focus

When your eyes cannot focus light in your retina the light becomes scattered causing your vision to become blurred and you may see bright circles appear around lights of various shapes and sizes. The only solution is to wear glasses.

4)    You feel tired and sleepy working on the computer

The muscles in your eye work the hardest when you are doing any detailed work or even reading and working on the computer. If you are in the need for glasses, your eyes have to work harder thus making them tired andmake you want to sleep.

5)    You are above 40 years of age

The body’s natural aging process involves the inability of the eye to focus and see objects clearly. There is nothing to fear as glasses will come to your aid.

Reading glasses

6)    Your arm gets a workout while reading a book

If you are near-sighted, which is when you can’t see far away, you’ll bring a book about 12 inches or less toward your face. If you’re far-sighted, which is when you can’t see up close, you might need to hold the book at arm’s length.
The basic test is that if you can see an object 14 inches away from your face clearly then you need glasses.

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