It seems pretty uncomplicated to whip together a bunch of ingredients. But to make the perfect smoothie that is thick creamy, nutritious and tasty you need to be aware of certain tips and facts.
What you really need is a smoothie that is high in fiber and other nutrients minus the sugar in the right texture.


Here are 6 ways to get your smoothies blended right:

1) Skip the sugar

If you really have a sweet tooth and added fruit is not enough to reach the sweetness levels you enjoy then think of using honey or other natural sweeteners. Sugar kills the total benefits you are getting from a healthy smoothie.

2) Frozen fruit

Frozen fruit is great to use as it gives a great texture to the smoothie. You also get to use fruits that are not in season. The nutrients of these fruits are high as they are picked and sealed at its nutritional peak.


3) Blend liquids first

It becomes easy to blend a smoothie when you add the liquids first.

4) Use a good blender

If you are using a blender then it does not really matter whether you add fruit or liquid ingredients first.
A good blender purees the fruit well without having to bite into seeds or unblended fiber.

smoothie blender

5) Use protein, fiber and healthy fat

Every good healthy smoothie should be the right blend of protein, fat and fiber. For fiber you can use fruits, vegetables or seeds; for protein use yogurt; and for healthy fat use avocado or nuts.