When women get pregnant they all start worrying of whether they will have a normal delivery process or have to go through a caesarean delivery. C-sections do help save the lives of many babies but they should actually not be used unless there are any complications.

Here are 5 ways we can avoid a ‘C’ section:

  • Don’t get induced unless necessary

Be patient. Do not be in a hurry. Wait till you complete 41 weeks unless you face any complications. Avoid inducing labor before you complete your labor.

Forcing the cervix to open up for labor will only cause a C-section.


  • Choose your health care provider wisely

Do your research and look into the stats. Go to a provider or hospital that has low C-section rates.

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle

You need to start early for this. If you plan to conceive or just discovered that you are pregnant you need to understand that childbirth involves a lot of muscles and hormones.

You should aim to keep fit and lead an active lifestyle that involves some kind of gentle physical activity like aerobics, yoga or the like.

Stay away from processed food and stick to healthy wholesome foods.

  • Learn about various types of birth process

Attend pre-natal classes and clear all your doubts about pregnancy and delivery. Don’t be shy or embarrassed to ask any questions. After all knowledge is power. Understanding deliveries can help you make educated choices and reduce the anxiety and stress.

mid wife

  • Consider a doula or midwife

It might seem like a medieval thing to do in this present day and age but a midwife or doula can actually offer insights, comfort and advocacy when you’re pregnant, in labor or making difficult birth decisions.


Be patient. When you go into labor on your own you are more likely to deliver vaginally.

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