That time of the month when the world simply draws to a close and all you want to do is to get cuddled beneath those warm oversized blankets and sip that hot cup of tea. While this seems like a great idea, most of us aren’t fortunate enough to take a nap in the middle of tight work schedules and deadlines. So, what is the very least we could do to stay at ease during menstruation? How about we make a few changes to our diet to keep those annoying cramps at bay?



Being a miracle drink in itself to stay away from almost every health issue, there is nothing as economical and soothing as water to ease menstrual cramps. Especially during periods, it is very much necessary that you keep your body well hydrated all day long. In fact, consuming fluids and foods-rich in water content on a regular basis will help you overcome menstruation without pain.

Lemon tea

There is never a menstrual cycle without hot water bags, is it? Just like how heat presses help you ease the lower abdomen pain you witness during periods, a hot cup of lemon tea with honey is the perfect magic potion to get relieved from cramps. Yes, the aroma of tea and the goodness of Vitamin C are going to keep period pain off limits.

Fenugreek seeds


An age-old tradition that has been followed for several centuries, fenugreek seeds have definitely cured menstrual cramps over the years. The omega-3 fatty acids present in foods like fenugreek seeds and salmon help the uterus muscles relax from contraction. You can also soak these seeds in a glass of buttermilk and drink it twice a day to feel at ease.



This potassium and magnesium-rich fruit is all that is needed to reduce stomach bloating which is a common happening during menstrual cycles. This in turn soothes the muscles and helps walk past the period pain. Please note that women with kidney problems are advised to consume restricted amounts of potassium as per the doctor’s advice.

Dark chocolate


A treat to your taste buds on a gloomy day! Yes, there is finally something you’d love having without second thoughts. Dark chocolate has loads of magnesium to ease your cramps and moreover, you wouldn’t say no to this mouth-watering dessert at any cost. All thanks to the health benefits of cocoa, the ultimate savior.

Menstrual pain isn’t just a 3-day thing. Proper lifestyle with nutritious foods and a whole lot of water intake on a daily basis will keep the period pain far from occurring.

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