The most annoying of all, a migraine can easily spoil your day leaving you hanging with an unbearable headache. The pain is usually on one side and at times radiates to the other. Not only does migraine disrupt your regular work but also puts you in a state of stress and panic. This medical state is often due to abnormal brain activity and improper blood flow in the nerves. While migraines are very common, they aren’t life threatening or a reason for strokes. Over-the-counter drugs and painkillers can help relieve the pain but of course, it is never advisable to take too much medication because of the side effects it might lead to. So here are some of the natural remedies to ease the pain.

1. Sleep

Most organ dysfunctions are due to lack of sleep. Especially, with growing addiction to smartphones and gadgets, many of us have become victims of insomnia (sleeplessness). Make sure you have minimum 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis and proper rest patterns. Looking at the computer screen for long durations at the workplace also needs to be dealt in a proper way to keep migraine at bay.

2. Ginger Tea

Known for its soothing properties, ginger tea is a relief drink that eases the head ache and helps your body and mind relax. Of course, the aromatic goodness of ginger in any form is a big welcome for people with migraine problems.

3. Have a head massage

A gentle massage on the forehead with a few drops of peppermint oil is known to be a great remedy for migraine. The aromatic nature of this effective relaxant relieves stress and brings a sense of peacefulness ultimately inducing good sleep. Similarly, a hot water bath with a few drops of lavender oil is proven to be one of the best ways to tranquilize as well.

4. Meditation

Yoga and meditation are always advised for a stress-free lifestyle. These are highly beneficial routines to fight against migraine in the long run. It helps overcome anxiety and hypertension by regulating the blood flow to the brain. Meditation also helps in keeping your posture straight thus letting your nerves refrain from any strain.

5. Anti-oxidant intake

Berries are a great source of anti-oxidants in boosting your immunity levels to ready your body against deadly diseases like cancer. The best part is that these fruits also help in relieving severe headaches. Try including cranberries and blueberries in your daily diet as a way to purify the blood and ease the flow.

While there are several ways to relieve the head ache, prevention seems better than cure, doesn’t it? Avoid foods that could thicken the blood; monitor your salt intake and keep caffeinated drinks at bay to stay away from migraine.