5 Foods you should ditch from your diet

In the olden days people used to eat more healthy and processed foods. The day people have discovered the art of preservation, especially in cans we started filling our body with tons of artificial preservatives, color and the wrong kinds of fats.

Those who are conscious of their diets wouldn’t be caught eating any of the below foods:

  • Processed meats-Processed meats contain a lot of sodium, additives and preservatives. So if you’re going through the aisles at the supermarket don’t forget to stay away from the frozen hot dogs and other processed tinned meats.
  • Canned tomato sauce-Canned tomato sauce contains a lot of sodium and sweeteners. Instead of buying the sauce, make them at home using fresh organic tomatoes. When it’s homemade at least you know what goes in it and are in complete control of the ingredients.
  • Colorful candy-A lot of us have had our fair share of colorful candy as kids. What we didn’t know then was the fact that this colorful candy is nothing but lots of sugar, artificial color and flavoring.
  • Raw fish and meats-It might be the new ‘in’ thing to eat sushi and other uncooked meat. But remember that unless these meats are cooked at the proper temperature the micro-organisms that might be present in them will not just disappear.
  • Frozen dinner or meals-As convenient as these frozen dinners are, they contain zero nutrition. They are cooked using lots of sodium and even preservatives. They are usually unhealthy and contain a lot of unhealthy fats. If you don’t have the time to cook dinner opt to toss yourself a salad of greens to be accompanied with a soup.

Avoid these foods from your diet as they do not contribute to your good health.