Eco-anxiety is a condition in which an individual develops anxiety and nervousness about the current and potential harm to the environment due to human activities. The climatic changes and the destruction caused by the human race affect not only physical well-being but also mental state, with individuals feeling helpless. Eco-anxiety statistics state nearly 60% of the younger population remains worried about the atmosphere. 

What leads to Eco-anxiety?

The changes in and around the environment range from climatic changes to global warming and pollution. These changes result from human activities of exploitation and the usage of natural resources available more than the extent they are supposed to be. 

Information circulating through the media, social media, and research about the changes and their impacts will initiate a fear of the effects befalling and an inability to rectify any of the happenings.

Eco-anxiety symptoms


A feeling of nervousness, fear, and restlessness develops. These thoughts originate from the possible destruction that will approach the atmosphere and the ecosystem. 


A state of tension with possible persisting harm or the one that will develop is also a result of the ecological changes. 


The state of helplessness that one feels can lead to aggressive behavior. It could be an expression of the individual being considerate in thoughts and actions and an inability to arrive at a solution, as any effort to maintain the ecological balance is collective. 

Disturbed sleep

The anxiety and stress that one holds will restrict the ability of the brain to rest. The constant fear and tension can lead to a disturbed sleep pattern and further contribute to the increased track of thoughts. 

Increased heart rate

The stress that the person experiences can lead to an increase in the heart rate. The state of restlessness increases the production of adrenaline, which can lead to palpitations. 


The state of anxiety, in the long term, can lead to depression. Further changes in the atmosphere due to human activities can lead to an increase in the level of stress. The accumulation of pressurized emotions can lead to depression.

Eco-anxiety treatment


For all the mental backlogs, it will help when it is vented out. Get an appointment with an eco-anxiety therapist who can identify the mental state due to ecological factors. The therapist can also put forth contributions from the individual’s end to keep them in a better state mentally. 


Several organizations are functioning to make the place we live in better. One can spend some time volunteering and partaking in the activities performed by the group. It will create a sense of satisfaction that the individual contributes something for the betterment of the environment and the planet. 

Preaching the circle around

Persuading family and friends to circle to indulge in activities to converse about the planet, which can be as minimal as planting a tree or getting a pot plant, can help. Preach the importance of maintaining balance in the ecology. 

Think of the possibility

Worrying about the condition can only deteriorate your mental state of being. Think and do what you could potentially do to bring a change, and keep working even if it is minimal. 

This blog hopes to bring awareness about eco-anxiety. Please consult a doctor immediately if you have any eco-anxiety symptoms.