Appendicitis is the infection and inflammation caused to the appendix. Appendix is a small bag or finger shaped organ connected to the large intestine that helps in producing digestive bacteria that help in digestion.Appendicitis can be life threatening if the appendix bursts and spreads the toxin present in it.Appendicitis can usually be diagnosed by the occurrence of intense abdominal pain.

Here are top 8 signs that can help you make the diagnosis of appendicitis easier:

  • Severe Abdominal Pain-The appendix is situation in the lower part of the abdomen. So if you are suffering from appendicitis, you might start experiencing pain coming from the area of the belly button. As your condition worsens the pain will also get worse and move towards the lower abdominal region.Most people experience a sharp piercing pain in the belly that can almost be compared to labor pain.You should not ignore this symptom, as it might lead to the rupture of the appendix, which can result in poisoned blood.
  • Fever-When the infection starts out, you might suffer from a low grade fever but as the infection progresses you are sure to experience high fever along with severe stomach pain.
  • Nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite-When your appendix gets infected, you might initially experience loss of appetite. You will feel nauseous and might even vomit a couple of times.In most cases these symptoms are misunderstood as a stomach infection.
  • But if you feel that your situation is getting worse and that the stomach pain is getting worse coupled with nausea and vomiting then its time you visit the doctor.
  • Diarrhea-This symptom might not be recurrent. But again if you are suffering from diarrhea coupled with stomach pain then you should not ignore this symptom, especially if you have a lot of mucus in your stool.
  • Gas or bloated feeling-A lot of foods cause gas in the stomach. But if these pains do not disappear in a few days and are also accompanied with stomach pains or nausea then you need to take this condition seriously.You may note that though you feel gassy and bloated, you might find it hard to release gas.
  • Tenderness in the stomach-When you feel that your stomach is feeling very tender, especially under pain then don’t hesitate to head to the doctor.If you press you stomach and experience sharp or intense pain when you release, then this is a sign of rebound tenderness.
  • Increased bowel movements-If you feel the need to visit the washroom more than you usually do and the urgency intensified, along with abdominal pain, then you can get tested to see if you have appendicitis.
  • Swollen abdomen-Please note that there is a difference in the swelling caused by gas and the swelling caused by an infection in the appendix.Gas causes a feeling of pressure and fullness but in appendicitis, the appendicitis causes the appendix to swell physically and also make the rest of the stomach tissues push forward.So try and figure out correctly what you are suffering from.

So if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms repetitively then don’t hesitate to rush to the hospital before you can discover a ruptured appendix.