Over the past year, people who were affected in Covid-19 have reported various infections and symptoms and the latest one is COVID-19 nails. According to the recent conditions, people with COVID-19 reported that they can discern the appearance of small lines and grooves on their fingernails which is known as “COVID-19 Nails”. 

People have reported that they have undergone various symptoms associated with COVID-19. From the loss of smell and hair loss to reduced energy levels. Now, they are reporting about a post-infection condition which nobody knows whether it is linked to covid-19 or not. Experts of COVID-19 are looking into it. 

What Are COVID-19 Nails?

First of all, this condition is known as “Beau’s lines” and it is not exactly associated with COVID-19. This condition occurs when a person is affected by various health issues. 

Symptoms of COVID-19 Nails

  • Lines and grooves on your nail
  • Interruption in nail growth 
  • Red half-moon pattern 
  • Discoloration in nails 
  • Indentation on the nail plate

Nail Abnormalities and Its Systemic Disease

If you are suffering from nail abnormalities, then it does not directly link with COVID-19 nails. Changes in the nail appearance indicate various health issues like

  • Clubbing of nails – This symptom is indicated by a lung problem or inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Spoon-shaped nail – This symptom indicates anemia or hemochromatosis ( increased iron content in the blood).
  • Separation of the nail from the nail bed – This symptom is known as onycholysis, which indicates overactive thyroidism. 

Coronavirus Does Not Always Cause COVID-19 Nails

According to the experts, this condition is not exclusively associated with COVID. They say that it may also occur under various circumstances like underlying health issues, viral infection, or any injury. 

Based on a dermatologist’s report from New York, it has been recognized that Beau’s lines are linked to high fevers.  When a person is affected with COVID-19, he/she experiences high fevers which leads to the formation of nail ridges known as “Beau’s lines”. Not everyone who is affected with COVID-19 experiences Beau’s lines and the symptom takes a longer time to appear and in some people, it won’t appear at all. 

Diabetes, Zinc Deficiency, and pneumonia are the other few conditions that are related to Beau’s lines. The lines and grooves that appear on your nail cannot be removed immediately, you have to wait patiently until the nail grows. On the other hand, if you get treated for your illness, the grooves on your nails may disappear in a period of time. If it doesn’t go around, then it is better to visit the dermatologist.