Working people usually wait for Friday to come. The weekend is supposed to relax after a hectic long week. Sunday evening when the weekend is almost over many starts experiencing anxiety, stress and even frustration.
What is Sunday night syndrome?

You will become impatient and depressed because you know the upcoming week is going to be again busy and hectic. This feeling has termed as Sunday night syndrome. Some struggles going to sleep. Even stress and anxiousness affects digestion. Many fall into depression and mood swing is quite common symptoms showing Sunday night syndrome.
Experts believe the Sunday night syndrome occurs when one realizes the weekend is over and fear for the upcoming week. Even people who love the job also experience the same especially those who are working under a lot of pressure. You will start checking the time, trouble sleeping and feel drained.

5 tips to overcome Sunday night syndrome

Conclude the week
Before you leave your office on Friday evening, make sure you don’t have any pending work for upcoming work. Prepare “to do “list for the following week, so you don’t have to remember the task over the weekend. This would help you get a clear picture, what is your priority in work on Monday morning.
Plan your weekend prior
It is good to plan your weekend prior to it. An unplanned weekend would spoil your holiday. Unless you have a specific plan for the weekend work- related stuff would fill the vacuum.
Avoid indulging in a bad weekend habit
If you are going to bed late, the next day you won’t be able to wake up early. Avoid getting into bad weekend habits like drinking alcohol beyond the limit. You may suffer from a headache, mood swing and even you won’t look fresh the next day morning.
Exercise of Sunday
Wake up early morning and go for a walk with your partner. Breathe fresh air and have a chit chat with your partner even while walking. You must get natural daylight if possible this would help your sleep hormone to work better at night.
Get organized for Monday
Many of us remain anxious on Sunday night because of an overwhelming sense of the next day. Before you go to bed, get your clothes ready, important documents ready for meeting and get into the bed knowing you are entirely prepared.

If you are anxious you won’t get good sleep, so focus something positive that would distract you from worries.