Lean Cuisine Meals by Nestlé are frozen foods with low calories. Right from pizza to mac and cheese, there are food options one cannot resist. Recently the popular frozen food brand announced that one of its batches could have plastic in it.


Why Has Lean Cuisine Recalled Its Baked Chicken Meal Packets?


Around 92,000 pounds of Lean Cuisine’s Baked Chicken Meals have been recalled by the company due to the chances of presence of plastic particles in them. The company says that there could have been contamination in the food because of a damaged conveyor belt during the production. A nationwide ‘class I recall’ (the highest recall issued because of high-risk contamination) of the product was made after five consumers reported that pieces of hard plastics were found in their meals.


Lean Cuisine Meals produce frozen foods that have to be properly cooked while consumption. These meals are said to hold less than 400 calories and are good options to replace restaurant-bought foods. The brand also has carb-free and gluten-free alternatives that are said to be healthy and less caloried. Learn ways to cut calories from your burger!


More Info about the Possible Plastic Contamination


As of now, there have been no complaints of injury or illness after consumption of the food to USDA. However, Nestlé Prepared Foods has issued a recall that advises people not to consume packets of  Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken Meals, white meat chicken with stuffing, red skin mashed potato with batch number “0246595911”. These packets are said to have been packaged on September 2, 2020 and bear the ‘Best Before Date’ of October 2021.


The recall is specific to the batch number mentioned by the company and doesn’t imply for other baked chicken meals from Lean Cuisine. “The quality, safety, and integrity of Nestlé USA and Lean Cuisine products remain our number one priority. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this action represents to both our customers and retail customers”, said the company in a statement. Nestlé has also given a toll free number 800-993-8625 to be contacted in case of complaints or help regarding the use of Lean Cuisine’s Baked Chicken Meals.

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