Dogs are man’s best friend. It is not just a quote. You might have noticed that in recent times pets have a separate role in every human’s life. Not just today, pets have always been treated as family members. That gentle lick on the face, their furry snuggle, and their wagging tail can ease any kind of stress and they can instantly make your day brighter. Not only for normal human beings, but a recent study also shows that pets can have a positive effect on cancer patients and mental health patients. 

A recent study shows that animal-assisted therapy helps to reduce anxiety and discomfort, regulate blood pressure, and alleviate depression among cancer patients which also becomes a positive distraction during treatment schedules. Cynthia Ingram, Animal Therapy Coordinator at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), Chicago discovers that satisfactory benefits while making rounds with Tori, her irresistibly charming therapy dog companion. Ingram says that “When she walks in, you just see people relax and become more at ease.” 

In another study, researchers monitored some patients who were visited with therapy dogs for receiving treatments like chemotherapy and radiation treatments. After a few months of following the patients, the researchers came to a conclusion that pet therapy helped to ease patients from their anxiety and stress and it also promoted healthy conversation between the doctors. 

Pet therapy has a separate role in inducing cancer patient’s moods and lifestyles. Pet therapy has the following impacts on one’s life. 

  • Relieving their anxiety, stress and elevating their mood.
  • Provides company and comfort 
  • Removes their feeling of being isolated and lonely.
  • Distracts them from their pain and boredom 
  • Provides a calming effect by snuggling with their soft & friendly nature.
  • Increases socialism and encourages better communication.
  • Motivates them to be courageous and energetic.

Even though pet therapy has proven a positive effect on cancer patients, there are some people who are afraid of pets and allergic to pets. There are some people who have suppressed immune systems and they must consult their doctor before considering pet therapy. Pet therapy includes all kinds of pets especially dogs and cats are used to elevate your mood and to lower your stress level.