The U.S. government forbade children from getting vaccines due to the lack of data on potential side effects. Here is everything you need to know about the strong immune response in children who got Moderna vaccines. 

Moderna COVID Vaccine Trial

The Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial consisted of 4753 children aged between 6 to 11 years. They were administered two doses of the vaccine. They were injected with 50 milligrams which is half the quantity of the ones injected in adults. Here is what the data relieved.

Strong Immune Response in Children

The two doses showed increased production of Y-shaped proteins in the immune system of these children. These antibodies prevented the virus from entering the body by binding with the coronavirus. The bond neutralizes the ill effects of the virus protecting the body from exposure.  The latest data suggests that 28 million more Americans can get vaccinated now due to the expanded coverage.

Can the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Cause Allergic Reactions?

The official Moderna vaccine news stated that most of the children experienced fatigue, fever, and pain around the injected area. The pain threshold varied from mild, moderate to severe from one child to another based on their existing immune strength.

There have been several claims pertaining to an anaphylaxis attack in adults who received the Moderna vaccine but the firm has rejected these symptoms given the rare possibility. Researchers also advise parents to seek medical suggestions in case of children with a history of allergic reactions or compromised immunity.

How Long Is Moderna Vaccine Good For? 

The early results of the Moderna vaccine have however not shed light on the efficacy estimate of the vaccine in children. For adults, the vaccine has shown  94.1% efficacy in adults who have received both doses. 

Researchers have suggested getting booster shots as soon as possible to get complete immunity against the disease and to protect unvaccinated family members like children from contracting the infection from them. Apart from boosters, a third dosage is suggested for people who are exposed to the virus on a daily basis due to their work requirements.

Pfizer claims that a 10-milligram dosage is enough to gain 90% immunity against the coronavirus. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is planning to form a panel of advisors to decide whether to approve Pfizer for children based on the company’s analysis.

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