Menstrual cycle is something women have to deal with till menopause. Until then, there is no way of escaping your monthly periods. Regular periods are a healthy sign that your body is doing absolutely fine, but, at times, there might be an important appointment, a holiday trip, a family occasion or even your own wedding for that matter. During instances like these, you wish your menstruation gets over well before the D-day. Can you really advance your periods as the Internet says? Let’s clear the air on what’s possible and what’s not!

Period Myths Debunked


Exercise regulate the menstrual cycle

Working out is the best way to keep your metabolic cycle balanced. While it can surely help to regulate the menstrual cycle for women with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) problems, there is no proven fact that it will induce periods.



Raw papaya is rich in carotene and does promote uterus contractions. While it might work for some, it depends on a lot of other factors depending on each woman’s biology. However, pregnant women are advised not to consume raw papaya to stay on the safer side. 


There are some theories that say physical intercourse can induce periods by causing the cervix to dilate and triggering uterus contractions.

Losing Weight

Losing Weight

Obesity can be one of the major reasons for irregular periods. But, it doesn’t mean that losing weight can advance your periods. It takes a long time before the menstrual cycle is regularised. However, it is a great decision to lose weight especially if you are suffering from PCOS.

What Really Helps in Advancing Periods?

Taking hormonal birth control pills, as prescribed by a gynecologist, is the most practical way to advance your periods. Usually, these medicines boost estrogen and progesterone hormones causing the menstrual cycle to occur well before the actual date. 

Points to Remember Before You Take Hormonal Birth Control Pills

  1. Any medication to induce periods should be taken only once in a while and not on a regular basis. Taking such inducers too often can cause hormonal imbalance and disrupt your menstrual cycle.
  2. On the contrary, the same comes to the rescue when you suffer from irregular periods.
  3. These pills usually stop ovulation and hence, avoid taking these if you are trying to conceive. 
  4. Talk to your doctor about the dosage of these pills and the right way to consume them.