Vagus nerve for weight loss-Many of us eats because we feel hungry not because we are actually hungry.  So how do we get the feeling of hunger? How is it possible for the body to make you feel hungry when you drool at sumptuous food? Well, it is because of that one nerve in your body which passes these signals to your brain.  It is vagus nerve otherwise called the hunger nerve.

What Is Vagus Nerve?

Vagus nerve for weight loss

Vagus nerve is the cranial nerve 10 which starts from the brain and parts into two and extends through the heart, lungs,  esophagus and digestive system both sides. It is the longest nerve in the body. Vagus is a part of the parasympathetic nerve system. We will see how inducing vagus nerve for weight loss can help you shed weight.  It is responsible for creating a feeling of rest and calmness. It directs the digestion process by enabling the secretion of various enzymes. Altering the response of the vagus nerve will help to regulate these feelings.

What Are the Functions of Vagus Nerve?

Vagus nerve acts as a communication pathway between the body and brain.  It passes information to the brain and in turn, the brain passes signals to the body organs.  The nerve induces sensory activities in response to the outside stimuli.

How Vagus Nerve Controls the Hunger Feeling?

Vagus nerve is also responsible for creating a sense of relaxation.  It is found that controlling vagus nerve stimulation will cease the appetite. In turn, you eat very less. It makes the esophagus muscles contract and expands (peristalsis movement) while swallowing food. It helps the food pass through various levels in the digestive tract. This stimulates the production of digestive enzymes from the stomach and pancreas.

Vagus creates the sensation of fullness through a hormone called leptin. It manages the complex processes in the digestive system.

By regulating vagus nerve function it is possible to regulate the feeling of hunger.

What Is Vagus Nerve Freezing and How Does It Help in Weightloss

vagus nerve

Stimulating vagus nerve for weight loss seems to have given the expected results in some people. It is basically tricking the brain to think that you are not hungry by stopping the naturally occurring signals. So that you can easily stay off from food without feeling hungry.

In this process, a needle is inserted at the back to inject argon gas into the particular part of a vagus nerve which is responsible to send hunger signals to the brain. Argon gas cools the nerve to a subfreezing temperature paralyzing a part of the nerve permanently. This stops the nerve from producing hunger signals. Even if you starve you won’t feel hungry after this procedure. You can just eat what is needed for the body and stop eating excess and thus lose your weight.