Be it a lone day at home or hectic work hours, most of us use music as a way to get into a world far away from reality. Not only is this soothing but also helps unwind from emotional stress and drama. While it may sound like a really great idea to plug in those ear buds and immerse in the goodness of your favorite song, how long do you think is good enough to keep it on? Did you know that your ear canals can have significant pain or acne by over usage of head phones? In spite of me, the writer, having my headphones plugged in while I write this, it is essential for the younger generation to understand the pros and cons of technology and how well they can handle it.

Hearing loss

We have seen and known people who use headphones during sleep. Probably they use music for relaxation, but, trust me; it is definitely not advised to sleep with your ear phones on. Too much volume for long periods of time can lead to hearing impairment or in medical terms, Noise induced hearing loss. It is always recommended to keep only 60% of the total volume while using headphones.

Ear Infection

Now that is something that has high probability of occurrence in people who use headphones quite too often. Especially, when shared with your friends, there is a definite chance of acquiring ear infections without doubt. This is because the bacteria that stay in one’s ears are prone to getting transferred through the ear buds causing pain and itching for the other person sharing it. Make sure you clean the ear buds once in a while to keep infections at bay.


Vertigo and spinning sensations are usually due to chemical imbalances in the ear and the underlying reason might be that you are using your headphones for too long a period of time. Try not to keep them on for more than 60 minutes straight. Since vertigo can be followed by vomiting and nausea, it is wise to skip extensive usage of headphones without breaks.

What are noise cancelling headphones?

An innovation that has really made a difference to music listeners, noise cancelling headphones filter out the sounds from the surroundings which ultimately lets you focus on your music even at low volumes. This technically advanced gadget saves your ear canals from excessive noise by letting you keep the decibels comparatively low. These are available in a lot of online sites and physical stores and are becoming popular among the youth.

There are instances we opt music to heal, to come out of misery, or go back in time. As much as it soothes your soul, it is also vital to understand that technology can be damaging when used inappropriately. The right use of any gadget is all that is needed to stay out of danger.