In the current generation, most people are addicted to social media, especially teenagers, who seek social media as a way to ease their depression, anxiety, and stress. Everyone thinks that being socially connected and spending much time on social media will boost one’s self-worth, prevent loneliness, and also provide comfort and joy. But, there is a dark side of social media that creates a serious effect on one’s mental health and physical health.

According to the survey, the younger generations are heading towards the wrong path. Social media challenges are being blamed for this change in teen mental health. From the dangerous “Blue Whale Challenge” to the latest “Coronavirus Challenge”, here is a list of the top 5 most dangerous social media challenges to avoid.

Blue Whale

The blue whale challenge also known as an online suicide game is aimed at teenagers. From watching scary movies at midnight to killing themselves at last the game consists of 50 tasks for 50 days. This challenge has caused numerous deaths around the world. This challenge has started in Russia and spread across many countries. 

Fire Challenge 

Fire challenge is another terrifying online challenge that involves the application of flammable liquids to one’s body and setting the fire. This challenge also focuses mainly on youngsters. Many teenagers were doing this fire challenge for fame and to make this stunt more interesting they even drink flaming tequilas. It is not advisable to burn your body and to create social fame.

Ice Bucket Challenge 

The ice bucket challenge has gone from a fundraising event to a viral social media challenge. Due to the effects of social media, the ALS fundraising has raised about 15.6 million so far. This ice bucket challenge may seem funny and a widely performed challenge but it has also caused so many deaths around the world. 

Car Surfing Challenge 

Car surfing is another insane challenge as Blue Whale. Most teens and youngsters have caught themselves in this challenge. This challenge involves riding on the rooftop of the moving car. This challenge has caused so many deaths and severe head injuries. Nine out of ten people get injured during this challenge. 

Coronavirus Challenge 

Most people did not take coronavirus seriously and this challenge is one among the many pieces of evidence. This challenge involves licking the toilet seat. This trend spread widely and people started to lick the bacteria-ridden surfaces. Many people tested positive for COVID-19 after doing this experiment.