Wondering whether it’s normal to have irregular period problems? They are normal but not viewed as genuine. Thus we can deduce that the modern stressful lifestyle and food habits are linked to this PCOS disease. PCOD issues can’t be maintained a strategic distance but can try some effective solutions to forestall them.


Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)

Research says PCOD is a minor health condition that influences many women. It is all a direct result of hormonal imbalance in women. A woman with PCOS tends to put on weight, experience pain in the pelvic region, have acne inflammation, and irregular menstrual cycles. At times, women with PCOD may even face challenges in conceiving. But with legitimate treatment, diet, and exercise, PCOD is preventable.

Ayurvedic remedies

There are some Ayurvedic remedies which can help with the period problems: Listed below

The most effective treatment for PCOD is Ayurveda. ‘You can depend on Aloe Vera mash, Banana flower, Brew (Kashayam). This helps in purification of blood and gradually restores the well-being of uterus which results in regular, healthy periods. Limit the amount of milk, strictly avoid junk foods, take in lots of water. Practice meditation for a healthy life.

Leukorrhea (White Discharge)

This is caused by increased blood flow to the vagina due to increased estrogen. A thick white sticky discharge from the vagina cavity is alluded to as Leukorrhea. This regularly increases at the hour of ovulation or before a menstrual period. Excessive discharge of this substance, however, indicates an abnormal condition. This problem can be solved if you take one or two bananas regularly.

Menorrhagia (Heavy Bleeding)

Menorrhagia is menstrual bleeding that lasts more than 6 days with the excessive flow. Untreated heavy flow can stop you from living your life to the fullest. It also can cause Anemia too. It’s is a typical blood problem that can leave you feeling feeble. This is one of the most common problems in women. For this issue, Banana flower is the best and effective medication for Menorrhagia.

According to Ayurveda, cow ghee is a successful medicine for several health-related issues. Phala-Ghrita, which is prepared using cow ghee is believed to be amazingly useful for gynecological problems. From irregular periods to pregnancy-related inconvenience, it works similarly effectively.

food habits

Basic problems

Nowadays PCOD problems seem to occur in young teens too. The incidence among young IT experts is at its peak. Untimely meals, junk foods, snacking, eating heavily before digestion, cold beverages… all these have contributed a digestive fire that is hardly active. The food won’t be digested because of the production of toxins, leading to disruption of the hormonal balance. Once the hormonal balance is disturbed, all sorts of consequences follow. From PCOD to cancers, every ailment can manifest in a person whose food habits are not right. If you don’t eat properly, then don’t expect to be healthy.


PCOD can be treated with Ayurveda, So I thought a discussion on the cures available is warranted, especially as allopathy can lead to side effects that sometimes become more menacing than the actual problem. But Prevention is always better than cure!