Wondering? How coffee is for weight loss? Its great news for the coffee lovers! Isn’t it? Drinking a cup of coffee definitely helps to reduce your weight. It stimulates the ‘brown fat’ that burns the calories and generates heat on your body.

Brown fat defines – brown adipose tissue(BAT) that helps you keep warm inside the body. It generates heat and burns up the sugar and fat, and regulates the body heat on the cold conditions.

Coffee for Weight Loss

Nowadays coffee diet gains popularity. Caffeine in coffee can make you feel more active. It has useful antioxidants that keep you energetic throughout the day. 

Coffee does wonders like decreasing the fat level by burning the number of calories and increases your appetite. There are a huge number of people who prefer coffee as a dietary aid.

People consume coffee for many reasons apart from the concept of coffee diet such as

To suppress hunger or food craving and stimulate calorie burning.


Taking fully-caffeinated coffee twice a day is enough for weight loss. Avoid drinking more than 400 million brewed coffee that will be equal to 4 cups of coffee, 10 cans of cola, two shots of energy drink.

Drinking brewed coffee makes you feel energetic and if you take at night, you can able to avoid sleep. For example, college or school students happen to consume coffee at night to stay awake for exam preparations.

If you ever think to have coffee more than two cups, try to switch with alternate methods such as drink the mixture of decaffeinated beans.

Coffee also helps for dehydration only when you drink coffee and water together. It boosts you for the entire day.

Drink coffee a few hours before your workout and it will stimulate thermogenesis. It is recommended that you take 200mg of caffeine from coffee fro the best results.

Things to Eliminate- Coffee for Weight Loss!

  • Stay away from heavy whipped cream( in the coffee mixture) which contains. It has immense fats.
  • Avoid butter in coffee. Do you know how many calories butter has? It’s 102 calories, almost 12-gram fats.
  • Think of drinking iced coffee as per USDA, an 8-ounce cup of black coffee has 2 calories
  • Make sure it’s not sweetened with sugar.
  • Try something different in coffee, pour some flavor in coffee. Add some honey,  plain cacao, cinnamon, or can sweeten coffee and encourage you to enjoy the taste more.

Black Coffee for Weight Loss



“Black coffee is totally calorie-free!”

What black coffee consists of? Its mixture of hot water, coffee beans a little sweetener. If you want to try coffee for weight loss, you must avoid adding milk and sugar. Plain black coffee is a healthy alternative and most suitable for your weight loss diet. Control your calorie intake, get maximum energy and attain a high metabolism level by drinking black coffee.

Other Benefits of Coffee

  • To improve the memory power
  • Get better cardiovascular health
  • Reduces diabetic risk
  • It has a wide extreme level of antioxidants and nutrients

Hence Drinking coffee can activate the fat-fighting defenses, improves blood sugar. With the presence of caffeine in coffee, a drink will energize your body for long hours. For those who are coffee addicts, its a delight information that coffee reduces weight loss. Call it an add on advantage!

                                                    Be blessed with coffee!