All of us are in the dilemma of whether to get the COVID-19 vaccine or not with the new news about experiencing blood clots after getting vaccinated. Here are the symptoms that may indicate you may be suffering from blood clots for those who are already vaccinated.

  • Unbearable headache, leg, and abdomen pain that won’t subside after consuming pain killers
  • Seizures mean there are blood clots in the brain
  • Sudden rise in blood pressure

Vaccine Development

Before we jump into the solution for the problem, let’s understand what caused the problem.

  • Identification

Researchers use various methods and tests to identify the antigens that will treat the infection. 

  • Pre- Clinical Studies

This involves testing the vaccine on animals and human tissues cultivated in the lab to determine the efficient dosage and side effects. It takes years to cross this stage.

  • IND Application

The vaccine sponsor submits an application for an Investigational New Drug to the U.S FDA board for human trial approval.

  • Phase Ⅰ Trials

A small group of people from various social classes, ages, races, gender, and habitats are vaccinated under controlled conditions. Vaccines for infants and children are also tested on adults.

  • Phase Ⅱ Trials

A larger group consisting of hundreds of adults is introduced to the vaccine/placebos, and the results are analyzed.

  • Phase Ⅲ Trials

With the success of phase two trials, the vaccine gets introduced to thousands of adults. Rare side effects are treated for, other benefits and disadvantages of the pathogen are noted.

The vaccines are monitored even after getting licensed and newer modified versions are developed as the world, newer, and the virus evolves.

COVID-19 Vaccine and Blood Clots

The coronavirus has infected the majority of the world while scientists and researchers didn’t get the time to create a foolproof vaccine.

The main aim was to save lives and treat the side effects as they come. The nucleic acid vaccine method that was banned for use on humans was the only strong enough method to defend the coronavirus. 

Though there were no protocol compromises made during the creation of the COVID-19 vaccine, rare case side effects such as blood clots have arisen in recent times in people who got the Jhonson & Jhonson and AstraZeneca vaccines.

Both these adenovirus COVID-19 vaccines were halted after a few individuals among the millions of recipients experienced unusual blood clots.

The companies currently study what causes these blood clots in the absence of blood coagulating agents such as heparin, and production won’t resume until valid reasoning and an antidote is arrived at.

Scientists have concluded that other vaccines that are not manufactured using the adenovirus method won’t cause blood clots and are completely safe to use.

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