Alaska Airlines spokesman Tim Thompson told Anchorage Daily News that the Republican senator Lora Reinbold of Eagle River was banned from flying with them effective immediately for an indefinite period for not complying with the employee instructions current mask policy of the airlines.

The security footage showed that Reinbold continuously refused to pull her mask up until it covered her nose, even after the staff requested her politely at the Juneau airport.

Reinbold objected the same with the age-old excuse of not being aware of the current mask policy. Alaska Airlines would make an exception for her and allow her to fly with them in the future as soon as possible after she referred to the staff as “Mask Bullies”.

Who Are Anti-Maskers?

Similar to anti-vaxxers, the anti-maskers trend has been on the rise, and here is why people don’t prefer to wear a mask when they are in public places:

  1. People have had enough and are unable to bear the discomfort caused by a mask
  2. They have recovered from corona and are not at the risk of reinfection
  3. They are vaccinated against the disease
  4. They were suffering from breathing problems before the pandemic and a mask just worsens the condition
  5. They think the entire pandemic is a scam by politicians to cover something bigger
  6. Restricted entry in public places makes them feel pressurized
  7. Few doctors suggest that a mask is not compulsory for healthy people who don’t suffer from cold and cough
  8. Leniency given to dine in restaurants doesn’t make sense as to why doesn’t corona infect you when you are eating at a restaurant?
  9. None of the people in their surrounding have contracted the disease nor have died from it and this makes them confident to roam around without a mask
  10. They think a mask is not an effective solution to control the spread of the virus

Are Masks Really Effective?

Whether a mask is really effective or not totally depends on the way use it and how you dispose of it after usage. These are the things you should never do:

  • Surgical masks are use and throw, and washing them will make them ineffective
  • Buy a mask that fits your face snugly
  • Go for cloth masks if you feel suffocated
  • You will need to wash or replace your mask if you have the habit of spraying spit while talking
  • Go to a private room if you want time off from your mask. Never remove it in public

From medicine, clothing to groceries, everything is available online these days. You can make use of these facilities and stay in the comfort of your homes if you don’t want to wear a mask.

If you really have to step outside, it is important to know the place you are about to visit to save yourself from getting banned from the place and the embarrassment. 

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