As much we would like remain young forever, the physical signs of growing older start to show. You can always be sweet 16 in your mind but you’re the age starts playing a toll on your skin.
As we age our skin loses it suppleness, elasticity and moisture which lead to drier and rough skin. Fine lines and wrinkles start appearing which we try to conceal using makeup. Many of us do not realize the fact that with age and the advent of wrinkles and lines call for special and age specific makeup.

Here are a few makeup products that you should ditch once you reach 40:

1)    Alcohol rich toners

Toners are usually made for people with oily skin. They strip the skin of oils and moisture. As we age the skin also starts losing its natural moisture so when we use toners it makes our skin really dry.
If you really want a super clean feeling of a toner, try to find one that has no alcohol in it.

alcohol free toner

2)    Shimmery eye shadows

The last thing you want is to highlight your wrinkles, especially those near your eyes that are the most noticeable signs of aging.
You cream or matte eye shadows that give a smooth and velvety finish that minimize the appearance of lines.

Eye Shadows

3)    Super sudsy cleansers

Washing your face with super sudsy and foamy face bars will strip your face away of all the natural oils and moisture. Pulling off this moisture is not good for women as they age as it makes their skin dry and over time lose elasticity.
Opt for non-foaming cleansers like cleansing oils, creams or balms that are deigned to keep your skin hydrated and trap moisture.

washing face

4)    Caked foundation

When you opt for something heavy on lines and wrinkles they land up highlighting the wrinkles and lines. Opt for a light liquid foundation and don’t forget to wipe away all the excess so that it doesn’t settle between the lines.
caked foundation
5)    Nitty gritty scrubs

Your skin does not have the power to recover as it once did in its 20’s. Nitty gritty scrubs with a lot of abrasion will only make it more sensitive and sore. If you want to look fresh and wash away all the dead cells opt for products with natural fruit enzymes or serums and face packs that are gentle and wash away easily.


6)    Water proof mascara

As we age our lashes slowdown in its growth and fall more. Waterproof products are hard to pull off and add strain to already fragile lashes.
Opt for water soluble products that can be washed away easily without pulling off your lashes.
7)    Dark and frosty lipstick

When we use dark and frosty lipstick after the age of 40, it will only highlight our lips that have lost its natural plumpness due to age. To fake fullness use a rosy shade of lipstick and to top up the look, you can even dab on some gloss that flatters the signs of aging. Use cream based moist lipsticks to make the lips soft and look full.

dark lipstick vs light lipstick