Acne is not something that only teenagers get. It can be annoying to suffer acne. It usually he oily skinned people who suffer from this skin infection that causes the hair follicle to get clogged and infected. The distressing part of this that it affects the appearance of your face leading to depression or thoughts of reduced self-esteem. There are many treatments available for acne ranging from topical creams, medication and even changes to your lifestyle.

Here are few tips to help you treat your acne :

  • Hands off

The first and foremost rule with any skin infection is to keep your hands away. Picking at it and touching it will only make things worse by spreadingthe bacteria.

Touching it or rubbing it will create friction that will cause inflammation to the skin, damaging the skin and leave behind scars that last longer.


  • Study the type of scarring

The two basic classification of scarring are discolored scarring and pocket marker scarring. Discolored scarring is caused by hyperpigmentation that disappears over a period of six months.

Pocket mark scarring is the more serious kind of scarring caused by damage to the skin’s collagen.Treatment here involves laser and filling. This is why you should treat acne at the earlier stage so as not to cause too much damage that treatment becomes difficult.

scars caused by acnes

  • Stay safe in the sun

As always slather on high SPF sun protection formula of sunscreen. The UV rays of the sun will boost the pigment producing cells that cause your scars to look more prominent. So use sunscreen so that you protect your skin from sun damage.

acnes and sunlight

  • Add Aloe Vera to your skin routine

There is no better natural treatment than Aloe Vera  . The combination of Aloe Vera gel and retinoid treatment was significantly more effective at reducing inflammation and acne lesions.

Aloe Vera promotes quick healing and reduces the appearance of scars.


  • Include Vitamin C in your diet

Vitamin C encourages the collagen to rebuild. Try to include Vitamin C in your diet as it strengthens cell walls and can help protect your skin from scarring that blemishes can cause.

vitaminC for acnes

  • Treat in initial stages

It is always better to nip problems in the bud and acne is nothing different. If you ignore your acne in the initial stages you risk the problem of it getting out of control and damaging your skin collagen causing hard to treat scars.

treat acne in initial stages