5-vital-breakfast- rules-for-weight- loss

Shedding those extra pounds might seem like a Herculean task, but, with the right breakfast regime, there’s nothing that can stop you from being fit and fine. Here are 5 breakfast rules that’ll help you reduce belly fat and mid-day cravings.

Breakfast Rules for Weight Loss

1.  Take Care of Your Meal Timings

While some of us are early birds, there are others who delay their first meal till early noon. Research says having your breakfast within 1 hour of waking up helps regulate the circadian rhythm (a 24-hour cycle that is responsible for human well-being) and enhance the body’s overall metabolism. Similarly, make sure there is a 5-6 hour gap between your breakfast and lunch for better digestion and fat burn. In the meantime, you can munch on fresh fruits or veggies between meals.

2. Cut down the Sugar 

Cut-down-the- sugar

It’s hard to pass a morning without that hot cup of strong creamy coffee. Alongside its soothing properties, did you realize that you are also consuming a spoonful of sugar? It is best advised to eliminate sugar and other sweeteners in your breakfast as this can lead to sugar cravings throughout the day. Pancakes, sweetened smoothies, and waffles might seem like a perfect breakfast option but remember that dessert at the beginning of the day is never a good deal.

3. Skip Processed Food

Skip-processed- breakfast- food-for- weight-loss

Processed foods such as noodles and pasta are a great threat to your weight loss plan. Not only do they add unnecessary calories but also are unhealthy breakfast options. Instead, opt for food rich in protein or fiber. Eggs, vegetable salad, greek yogurt, nuts, soy milk are some of the edibles you can include in your morning meal. These will make you feel full without adding extra cals. Check out other healthy breakfast options here.

4. Watch Your Plate

Many of us are of the wrong conception that having a heavy breakfast will help eat less throughout the day. Keep in mind that there is a difference between a wholesome meal and a high-calorie meal. Hogging fat-rich food is in no way going to help you with weight loss. Keep an eye on your calorie count and alter it as per your weight loss needs.

5. Include Healthy Fats


Foods like avocados, cheese, and nuts are loaded with healthy saturated fats. These will keep you full for long hours of time and at the same time generate the energy required for the active functioning of the body. While an avocado salad or a cheese omelette can help your body with good fats, it is also essential that you cut down other calories when you consume fat-rich foods.

These breakfast rules are simply to keep you away from accumulating extra cals. Proper lifestyle and exercise are also vital for weight loss and to be in shape.