If women don’t want to have kids when they are at the peak of their fertility they can now choose to have them later by the new medical discovery of freeing their eggs. As women age they lose their fertility.

freeze eggs

It drastically drops after we hit 35. If you have reached a stage in life when you are fertile and do not want to have kids yet you can visit the closest fertility clinic and freeze your eggs.
Instead of not having the option to have your own kids, it is always a bonus to be able to do so until you reach that time in your life when you are ready.

Here are 5 things women need to know before they go in for this procedure:

1) It is not a single day process

The process of extracting your eggs and freezing them is not a one step process and it can take a few weeks.
In the first steps you will have to go in for ultrasound and blood tests. After that you’ll be given injections of fertility hormones for about a week.
The hormones will spur your ovaries to produce many eggs instead of just one. These injections are not painful. Youwill need to return to your doctor’s office for follow-up blood tests and ultrasounds.

egg freezing

2) Egg extraction or retrieval is not like a spa treatment

Your doctor will fish for your eggs in your uterus with the help of an ultrasound device and prep them for freezing. The best part is that you will be sedated for this process. You will feel sore for a few days and it might be a good idea to stay away from extreme exercises.

3) It is expensive

The costs of the injections, doctor’s visits, and the procedure itself will come to an amount that can total $10,000 to $15,000. And then there also is the cost of storing the eggs.
However the price tag is worth it if you are planning to wait till after 40 to have kids as it is cheaper than assisted reproductive technology to get pregnant.

freezing eggs

4) This method is not endorsed by any medical board

The process of freezing eggs is relatively new. There is no data to support the safety, efficiency, ethics, emotional risks or cost-effectiveness of egg freezing. It is past the experimental stage but not a fully accepted procedure yet.

5) No guarantee of getting pregnant

The use of your fertile eggs increases the chances of a woman getting pregnant but it does not guarantee 100% pregna

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