Oil, pollution, age, and a lot of other factors have a direct effect on your skin that demands some rejuvenation. Dull, dry, and lifeless skin not only looks less appealing but can also be depressing and worrisome. Facial is one of the best remedies to wear away the tiredness from your face and today, you can avail of this service from any salon or spa near you. Your skin looks spectacularly dirt free and fresh on the day you get it done, right? But, what happens next? You ultimately fail to take care of it or overdo things you aren’t supposed to which paves the way to adverse reactions. So, we have clubbed the 5 most important things to remember after your facial.

1. Avoid Harsh Soaps

Remember that your skin undergoes a lot of exfoliation and rejuvenation during facials. From bleach to scrubs, tan removers to face packs, quite a  lot of chemical-based creams go into the process. After all the treatment, your skin would have now become soft and sensitive. Using harsh cleansers or soaps can considerably affect your skin with rashes or burning sensations. This is the reason beauticians often stress not to wash or cleanse your face immediately after your facial. 

Suggestion: In case you look oily after all the moisturizer that has gone to protect your skin, use a mild face wash that is clear and free from harsh chemicals.

2. Scrubs Are Strictly Off-Limits

Scrubs Are Strictly Off-Limits

A regular facial already involves a process called cleanup that uses a handful of scrub for exfoliation. This routine opens your facial pores and clears the oil and dirt. Scrubbing your skin after a facial only worsen things by again opening the pores that can lead to dirt accumulation. 

Suggestion: Simply stay away from scrubs! Even a mild scrub is not advisable after a facial.

3. Stay Away from Sauna/ Steam Bathing

Steaming is generally a part of your facial treatment that is done to remove the white/ blackheads from the nose, chin, and forehead. When you enter a sauna or a steam bathing room just after a facial, it is too much for the skin to take. This can damage your pores and thus make the skin lose its natural oil and moisture content.

Suggestion: Steaming/ washing your face with hot water should be done only after a week of the facial. This will help the skin retain its natural oils.

4. Excess Makeup Can Clog Your Pores

Excess Makeup Can Clog Your Pores

If you are up for a bridal event or a similar occasion, make sure you get your facial done well in prior as the usage of makeup products (foundation, concealer, compact powder, etc) can clog your facial pores causing acne. It is important to let your skin breathe after a facial. 

Suggestion: Avoid using heavy foundations or concealers. Instead, use a loose powder that can be applied or wiped off easily without causing damage to your pores. 

5. Let Go of Home Remedies/ Face Masks

Let Go of Home Remedies/ Face Masks

Home remedies are absolutely beneficial, but not after a facial. Your attempt to look extra gorgeous is acceptable, but this is definitely not the time for anything new. There are chances the ingredients you use might be harsh on your now sensitive skin. Especially, facial packs with high acidic content can cause irritation or the skin to peel.

Suggestion:  Rosewater is a natural toner and is mild compared to the store-bought ones. Use soft cotton pads soaked in rose water if you want that instant glow.

Today, there are numerous facials available in the market having their own benefits. But, your skin is subject to a lot of chemical treatments during the process and it is best advised to simply leave it alone for a day or two before threading, waxing, or anything harsh. This is the only way you can achieve the complete goodness of your facial.

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