For a couple to get pregnant, apart from female fertility, male fertility too plays an important role. Male fertility is the most important because a healthy sperm cell reduces birth defects. If you want to increase your fertile cells, then ensure that your testosterone levels are high.

Factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, diabetes, and obesity reduce male fertility and sperm count. To increase sperm motility and count, consume healthy foods which can boost your fertile cells. 

Here is a list of 5 foods to boost male fertility. 

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolates can do wonders for your body. It balances the hormone and maintains the DNA integrity of sperms. Pick the darker varieties for better results. Dark chocolate is packed with amino acid L-arginine which can improve the ejaculation volume and increase sperm count. Consuming dark chocolate often can cause a greater impact and may reduce birth defects.


In general, garlic is an immunity booster. Garlic has antioxidant properties which help in raising testosterone levels. The component allicin present in garlic can purify the blood and improve the blood flow to sex organs in both men and women. The more the blood flow, the more healthy sperm one can ejaculate. This way garlic curbs the causes of infertility by supplying ample amounts of blood.

Vitamin C:

Consuming vitamin C-enriched foods or supplements daily brings a vast change in sperm health and motility. The best foods to boost male fertility are fruits and vegetables which are affordable. Vegetables such as broccoli, bell peppers, red cabbage, and fruits such as strawberries, orange, and lemon help absorb iron into a human’s body and aid in brain development.


Pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds are the best foods for both men and women. In addition, oysters and red meat have adequate amounts of zinc for human needs. Zinc plays a significant role in semen volume. Zinc can change even the sperm morphology of an infertile man if one consumes zinc-enriched food daily. 


Eggs are the best foods to increase male fertility. Opt for country hen eggs which contain a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids. Eggs are packed with protein, good cholesterol (HDL – High Definition Lipoprotein) and vitamin E. Vitamin E is the nutrition meant for fertility. Regular consumption of eggs can protect your sperm cells from damaging free radicals. Eggs help in increasing both sperm motility and sperm count.