Devices to Track Your Glucose Levels

Today’s high-accuracy blood tests are so advanced that there is no chance of discrepancies in measuring the blood sugar level. But, it is definitely not practical to visit a medical center on a daily basis and get yourself tested. Not only is this expensive but it is also tiring to wait for the results to start the treatment. Moreover, there are times when your diabetic condition involves tracking glucose levels more than once a day. So here are 5 devices you can use to track your glucose level right from the comfort of your homes. 

1. Glucometer


No more syringes; a simple prick, a drop of blood, and you can get your glucose level displayed in a matter of seconds. The glucometer is one of the most commonly used devices around the globe to measure the blood sugar level. The blood is sucked in by the strip that comes along, reacts with a chemical that’s infused within it and uses electrical supply to show the reading right on the apparatus screen. It is also very economical and a must-have if you are a diabetic person.

2. Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Dexcom along with Apple has come up with a new abdominal belt that can continuously monitor your blood glucose level, interact with your iPhone, and display the reading on your Apple watch. This had been under research for quite some time and recently launched for public use. Apparently, the body sensors present in the belt sends signals to the smartphone every 5 minutes.

3. Glucowise


A 100% non-invasive glucose monitor that is easily portable, GlucoWise is placed over the earlobe or the skin between the forefinger and thumb to measure the blood glucose level. It then sends the readings to your smartphone.

4. Diabetic Patch

Diabetic Patch

Developed by Abbot Diabetes Care, this instrument includes a patch you can stick to your arm. It works up to 14 days and the sensor transmits the values to a reading device. This is another non-invasive glucose monitor every diabetic patient can own.

5. Google’s Smart Contact Lens

Google’s Smart Contact Lens

This exists just as a prototype and is still under development. Google’s smart lens comes with a microchip to measure the blood glucose level and sends the values to a smartphone. This is yet to hit the market but is a great innovation from the search engine giant.

Diabetes in children and gestational diabetes are some of the conditions that demand continuous monitoring of glucose levels. These advanced equipment are a boon to our generation for sure.




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