We are all running towards something- some are running for money, some are running towards their dream, some for love, and some for success. In this busy life, just take a minute and notice the warning signs your body and brain shows.

Alone time is a necessity! Everyone should take some time for themselves in order to lead a healthy life. When you are working on something important and suddenly when it gets louder, your brain and body will scream for some alone time. So notice the warnings and cut yourself a slack.

Few Signs That Show You Need Some Alone Time

You Will Feel like You Want to Eat Everything

Are you a stress eater? If you enjoy a lot of candies or any other snack when you feel emotionally down then you are an emotional eater. This is just an escape from all the things that are bothering you.

Try drinking plenty of water with added lemon squeeze to calm your nerves.

Can’t Feel like Coming Out of Your Room

The urge to lock yourself in your bedroom or bathroom for quite sometimes means that you are at the peak of emotional breakdown. It’s better to take some time out but isolating you for a long time will affect your brain. Talk to your parents about this and plan a two-three day trip to get yourself together.

Nothing Cheers You up

Sometimes nothing sounds enjoyable, you will be constantly complaining to yourself about being bored. You will feel like something unexpected has happened and like your happiness has left you.

At this simply take yourself some ‘me’ time and watch a movie or read a book to gain back your true self.

You Shout at Others Unnecessarily

When your loved ones make noise while you are busy or feeling a bit tense, you will shout at them for no reason. If your partner asks you a question, you will feel frustrated. This is normal, but you should know your limit. At this time, walk away and take some time to think. Take deep breaths, play a video game or something cool your mind. When the time feels right, apologize to your partner or family members.