While fruits and veggies are loaded with nutrition, there are chances you might be consuming them wrong. These nourishment-rich foods are prone to a lot of pesticides for a great yield. But, what really happens when these chemicals enter our body? Will simply washing these help in getting steer cleared of the toxins? Let’s find out.

Related Health Hazards

1. Infertility problems
Consumption of foods exposed to pesticides can lead to infertility problems in both men and women.

2. Pregnancy problems
Low-birth weight and improper fetal growth are some of the side effects of prolonged consumption of toxic-exposed foods.

3. Allergy
If you are someone who is already prone to allergies, it’s high time you watch what you eat.

4. Respiratory disorders
Cough and respiratory tract infections are some of the ill effects of pesticide coated fruits and veggies.


Ways to remove pesticide residue from fruits and veggies

1. White Vinegar

After a wash in the running water, you can clean your fruits and veggies in white vinegar. This simple procedure will help you dissolve the chemicals making your food ready for consumption. But, make sure you only two to three table spoons of vinegar in a bowl of water before soaking in your veggies.

2. Baking Powder

Just like the acidic properties of vinegar, the cleansing nature of baking powder helps remove the pesticide coating over your fruits or veggies. Simply add 2 table spoons of baking powder to a bowl of water to make it acidic. This solution can easily take care of the toxic from your foods.

3. Salt Water

Salt water is the age-old technique to stay at bay from germs and infection. Washing your fruits in salt water could be one of the most economical and natural ways to remove residues.

Keep in mind that after you expose your fruits and veggies to any of the above treatments, it is advisable to wash them once again in running water before you make them ready for consumption. This way, we make sure there is no residues left over behind.