Hiking on a trail is no joke. It can be more difficult than you imagine it to be. However it is a wonderful and beautiful experience. Once you are drawn to hiking different trails there is no going back.

When you venture into this adventure sport there are a few essentials that you have to carry with you.

  • Light weight roomy backpack

When you go hiking you basically carry everything that you need on your back. Since the stuff is going to be heavy the last thing you need is for the bag also to add to its weight.

As a matter of fact, water backpacks are a great way to carry your tuff and your water too. You’ll be hydrated and also have room for your things.

  • Flashlight or headlamp


Never hit the trails without a flashlight or headlamp. You never know when you might have to go that extra mile after sun down or even spend the night in the dark outdoors. Make sure you buy one that is water resistant and with extra battery backup and a headlamp for regular light at the camp.

  • Insect repellant

Buy an insect repellant to prevent insects from biting you. You never know what’s biting you in the wilderness.

  • Compass


This might seem like a little old fashioned. But in emergency situations it’s these small gadgets that actually work. Buy a small light weight compass and also learn how it’s used before you go set out on the trails.

  • Power food

Always carry extra food. You can carry a meal and even uncooked stuff. You also might want to stash some power snack like nuts, granola bars that can be eaten if your hiking trip prolongs.

  • First Aid Kit

Be prepared to carry all the first-aid supplies for minor scrapes and wounds. You can refer a checklist of any mountaineer and even enroll yourself for a mountaineering first-aid class.

  • Swiss Army Pocket Knife

swiss knife

A pocket knife is the basic tool everyone must carry. It contains everything from a bottle opener, knife, scissors, saw and many more…

  • Whistle

When you are in an emergency and want to alert or draw the attention of others then keeping a whistle is a good idea. Buy one that doesn’t use a pea as that can freeze up in the cold.

  • Sun burn preventives

The higher the elevation, greater the intensity of the sun. Don’t forget to carry sunscreens with high SPF so that you don’t burn your skin.

  • Waterproof matches and fire starter

Carry matches that are water proof so that you can light them anywhere. Use them in cases of emergency. A fire starter can be used to ignite wet wood or to alert people in times of emergency.

  • Hiking Pole

hiking poles

Hiking poles are also called as trekking poles and they help in making the trek easier by preventing you from slipping and giving you proper grip as you walk through difficult trails.

  • Sleeping bag

You can just buy a regular one or a temperature controlled one based on the trail that you are covering.


These essentials are sure to keep you equipped and make your hiking trip ore enjoyable.

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