Are you bilingual? Then, unknowingly you have contributed to the improvisation of your brain. There are several debates going on about the disadvantages of bilingualism. People claim that bilingual people tend to get confused between two languages which sometimes might result in delay of speech. However this is not true in all the cases. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of being bilingual.

  1. Many studies have suggested that bilingual people tend to have improved cognitive abilities. A study conducted on preschoolers has shown that students who can speak multiple languages perform better in activities such as puzzle solving. 
  2. Being bilingual helps keep your brain healthy and active. The multitasking ability of your brain increases gradually and promotes other brain functions of the brain such as problem solving and being creative. 
  3. Being bilingual mainly helps your kid mingle with others easily. It can eventually improve your child’s social skills and cognitive functions. 
  4. If you know other languages, you might probably know the cultures and traditions of the language. It helps you expand your knowledge about other countries and places. 
  5. If you are bilingual, the whole earth is your home. When you visit places that follow languages you are familiar with, it makes you one among them. It makes it easy for you to get to know about others. Especially, if you love traveling and you are bilingual, then there is no barrier for you. You will find a friend wherever you go. 
  6. It is agreeable that bilingual people can have better job opportunities. The job market sees this as a skill that would help them grow. Therefore, if you know more than one language, it is an added advantage and brings you a step closer to your dream job.
  7. Bilingualism helps you develop the “outside the box” thinking. If you are bilingual, you are more likely to be creative and innovative. Many studies have shown that people who know more than one language tend to have a creative mind. 
  8. If you are in a place full of people who know your language and where communication is not a problem, you tend to perform better. This will eventually increase your confidence levels. Many studies show that people often tend to think of a bilingual person as smart and intelligent. 
  9. Knowing a language already helps you have a better understanding while learning a new language. If you are bilingual, it gives you the confidence to learn another language with ease. 
  10. Bilingual people tend to multitask with ease comparatively. You can switch between tasks without much effort. Your brain is already used to speaking two languages which are already multitasking. Hence performing one or more tasks at a time can be simpler for you. 
  11. This is one of the major benefits of being bilingual. The gray matter is present in your brain, brainstem, and cerebellum. It contains most of the neuronal cell bodies of the brain. It has control over the parts of the brain that involve muscle control and sensory perception. Bilingual people tend to have a denser grey matter. The higher the grey matter, the greater the amount of information has been transferred and received. Read this to learn more about the cause of less gray matter volume
  12. People who are bilingual for lifelong tend to show delayed symptoms of Dementia comparatively. It might take twice as long to develop symptoms when compared to monolingual people. 

These are the top 12 benefits of being bilingual. Therefore, if you are bilingual, be proud of yourself. If you are not, try to learn one!

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