A panic attack is a sudden wave of fear and can cause panic disorders. They are not much threatening but ignoring them can result in panic disorders. How can we handle such situations? A panic attack first aid is all you need to handle an unexpected panic attack.

  1. It is just a panic attack: The first thing to be handled during a panic attack is the fear you experience. In some cases, panic attacks are mistaken for heart attacks which increase your anxiety, making it worse. Relax! Understand it is just a panic attack, and you’ll be okay in no time. 
  2. Take a deep breath: One of the serious issues you face while having a panic attack is difficulty breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly. Try breathing in and out slowly using your mouth. It will reduce your stress, anxiety, and fear, thus saving you from the attack.
  3. Keep your eyes closed: Panic attacks may be due to the environmental happenings around you. Close your eyes and be blank. Get rid of the happening reality to stop the stimuli from triggering you further. You can even imagine the best things you wish to happen to you to distract yourself from the current situation.
  4. Exercise it out: A mild exercise will work as an excellent remedy for panic attacks. Slow walking will help you move out of the unpleasant environment and also stabilize your breath.
  5. Magic words: We all know that our brain entirely controls our body. What we think affects our actions and has adverse effects on health. During a panic attack, say to yourself, “this shall too pass,” or maybe any other positive statement that you might think of. This will bring down your stimuli and help you overcome your fear and anxiety. 
  6. Progressive muscle relaxation: Muscle tension is also one of the effects of panic attacks. Progressive muscle relaxation helps you overcome this situation. First, you have to tense up various muscles and then release them. This is done by holding the muscle tension for 5 seconds and then releasing it. Repeat it for all the muscles for overall relief. Take a 10-seconds break before repeating the process for the next muscle. 
  7. Consult a Therapist: When you have panic disorder it is a better option to consult a therapist. A therapist can guide you in a better way with proper medications and therapies, rather than just some random home remedies. 
  8. The lavender remedy: Studies suggest that smelling lavender relieves stress and anxiety. Lavender oil from a trusted source is a great regimen for panic attacks. You can inhale the oil by holding it under your nose or from your handkerchief dabbed in the oil. If you don’t like lavender, you can go for any other favorite flavor of yours.
  9. Speak to someone: When you have a sudden panic attack, it is always a good choice to seek help. Tell about it to someone near you so that they can help you with what is needed. They might even suggest a better way to make you feel better in no time. 
  10. A quiet place: Sometimes crowds and noise can cause stress and panic attacks. It is always better to find a quiet place and you can even meditate or perform breathing exercises to relieve stress and anxiety.
  11. Relaxing music: Music is the best medicine for almost all problems. Especially, when it comes to managing stress, music works like a magic and changes your mood immediately. Listen to soothing music which will change your mood instantly, relieving stress, and make you feel better.