Urinary tract infections (UTI) affect mostly women. It is not a serious condition but it can turn into a serious problem if it keeps reoccurring and later lead to other complications.UTI are usually caused by the bacteria E-coli. But instead of giving room for such an infection to even occur, we should instead take precautions to prevent them from invading our body.

Here are some ways we can defend our body from UTI:

  • Use bath products that are unscented-For some women, scented bath products can irritate the urinary tract opening. So when you head to the nearest supermarket, pick up bubble bath soap, shower gel that is free from any scents.Wash off bath products well after use on the body. Even residue of these products in the urinary tract area can cause infections.
  • Use cotton and breathable underwear-Do not use underpants or underwear made of polyester or other unnatural fibers. Instead opt for underwear made of a cotton breathable fabric and one that is not so tight fitted that it prevents the entry of air.
  • Use sanitary napkins and not tampons-Tampons push the bacteria into the body and also irritate the genital area. Instead use sanitary pads or napkins that are more hygienic and do not enter the body. Do not forget to replace the pads at regular intervals.
  • Maintain proper hygiene-A lot of urinary infections are caused by poor hygiene. Don’t forget to wash the area properly after using the bathroom. Wash and wipe from front to back so as to prevent any bacteria from the anus area to pass on to the urethra.
  • Keep yourself hydrated-Drink lots of water and other fluids.It is said the cranberry juice keeps the bacteria away that cause UTI. Keep away from caffeinated drinks and alcohol.Water helps in flushing out the toxins and other bacteria present in the body.
  • Wear loose fitted bottoms-Tight clothes, especially those made of unnatural fabrics make you sweat and can cause irritation. When the under garments are tight they cause you to sweat and if it is not of a breathable fabric it will not let the moisture escape and entertain the bacteria to breed there.
  • Eat fermented food-Eating fermented foods that is rich in probiotics prevents the recurrence of UTI. The good bacteria present in these fermented food help in maintaining the floral balance of your genital area.
  • Ditch the diaphragm-The diaphragm prevents you from emptying your bladder completely that cause the bacteria to build up. If you are using a diaphragm and frequently suffer from UTI, then switch over to some other method of birth control.

Remember the fact that prevention is better than cure!