We all are now experiencing a tough time facing the pandemic Covid-19. New cases continue to emerge throughout the world. Many countries have sealed their borders and even transportation inside the countries is banned in some places. People are requested not to go outside and to quarantine themselves at home, maintaining social distancing within family members. Many events and gatherings have been canceled including Gyms, yoga centers, and many other places. So it is basically not possible to go to the gym for working out.

What Happens If You Stop Working Out?

  • Once you stop working out your muscles go back to a growing stage. Even three days of skipping your workouts can lead your body to change physically. Your muscles will start to decrease in size and strength.
  • When we exercise our body usually produces insulin and absorbs glucose as energy but once you stop working out your body will lose insulin sensitivity and it converts the insulin into fat.
  • Your blood vessels function efficiently on the days you workout, once you stop working out it will lead to the inefficient working of your blood vessels.

At this point where you have no access to the gym, either you can try working out at home and eat healthy food or you can simply RUN. Yeah, you heard it right. You might be one who is just using this quarantine period to start off a workout routine or maybe you do not want your muscles to shrink and all your hard work of getting toned muscles to go in vain.

How Running during Coronavirus Can Be Effective:

  • Exercising can be really hard but once it becomes a habit it can be really addictive. Again once you give-up on it, you will become lazy and it becomes really hard. So you will need something every single day to stay on track. Running during Coronavirus can help keep your muscles toned.
  • COVID-19 is a disease that spreads from person to person through saliva or respiratory droplets. Luckily, running during Coronavirus is an exercise that we all can do alone so it helps you engage deeply into the activity without having to fear the circumstances.
  • Even though you are not working out you can lose your insulin sensitivity, your body has the tendency to adapt quickly with a little much of physical activities and some healthy food so you can follow running for 30 minutes daily that keeps your muscles engaged maintaining the insulin levels.
  • Running during Coronavirus can be great for your cardiovascular health, studies show that the thicker left ventricles tend to be larger in long-runners than people who do not run so runners are mostly immune to heart diseases.

How Running during Coronavirus Can Affect Your Mental Health:

  • Running during Coronavirus helps to manage stress by easing your mind. It can help manage stress. Running or any physical activity can increase the concentration of Norepinephrine, a chemical that helps to maintain a stress-free mind.
  • It helps to achieve a calmer state of mind. After a good run, you always feel relaxed. While running, your body releases endorphin, a powerful chemical that helps you control tension and anxiety and relaxes your muscles. Studies show that running 15 minutes per day can help fight depression and anxiety.
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