Never think less of a body part- be it your nails, hair, or what so ever. Every part of our human body is important. People who have suffered from ingrown toenails or from bacterial and fungal infections in their nails will know what I am talking about- So before suffering, follow these healthy toenails tips and save yourself the trouble.

Here’s How to Grow Strong and Healthy Toenails:

Trim Your Toenails Regularly

Trim your toenails frequently with sanitized nail scissors or with clippers. To avoid bacterial and fungal nail infection you should clip your nails once or twice in a month. And also keep in mind, that you should never trim your nail too short because it increases the chances of infection.


As we age, it’s normal for our nails to get rough and hard, especially our toenails. At this time it’s important to moisturize your nails with vitamin E based cream or with petroleum jelly. If you are a person who uses harsh nail polish remover, then you should definitely follow this for healthy toenails.

Wear Proper Shoes

A proper shoe should not make your feet uncomfortable. Wear shoes that will fit your feet properly without any discomfort. This can seriously affect your toenails and can cause many health issues too regarding your feet.

Pedicure Your Toes

Every once in a while, go for a pedicure for healthy toenails. We can take care of our own nails but sometimes pedicure is important. It can be relaxing and you can enjoy your time without any stress.

Expose Nails to Sun

Vitamin E helps support the immune system, cell function, skin health, and much more. The UVB in sunlight is a germicidal agent so go out in the sun and let those feet layout in the sun a little.

Maintain Toenail Diet

Doctors suggest that a healthy diet is the best way to maintain a healthy life. The same goes for our toenails too. So eat healthy diets like protein and nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and lots of nuts. This will give you the protein to boost nail growth and help maintain healthy toenails

Read through the blog and get a clear idea of toenail problems and how to solve them. These interesting 6 tips will help you get healthy toenails.