Does Tequila Really Help in Weight Loss

A study conducted at the American Chemical Society back in 2014 stated that tequila induces weight loss. Now, before you get all excited about having that shot of tequila, let’s analyze if the world’s favorite drink is really worth drinking for all the health benefits the world claims it has.

What is Tequila? 

The commercial distribution of this drink dates back to the 16th century. Tequila, a fermented and distilled beverage, is the native drink of the city of Tequila in Mexico. It is basically prepared from agavins, the sugars of the blue agave plants. There are 5 types of this drink namely blanco (silver), joven (gold), reposado (aged), añejo (extra-aged), and extra añejo (ultra-aged). Among these, extra añejos are the most expensive ones in the market. 

Why Is Tequila Associated with Weight Loss?

Unlike the sugars in other alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine, agavins are non-digestible and hence, don’t increase the glucose levels in the blood. When sugar levels are lowered, there are fewer chances of weight gain. This is the concept that lies behind associating tequilas and weight loss. Moreover, agavins are said to contain insulin which makes them even more beneficial when it comes to diabetic control and weight loss.

Tequila and Keto Diet

It is a rather not so surprising fact that tequila is included in the Keto diet (low-carb high-fat) list. The drink is absolutely low in carbs and doesn’t add many calories. This is one of the reasons why it has been categorized as a keto-friendly drink. But, of course, when combined with sweetened flavors, it doesn’t do any good to your health. It is, in fact, not a great idea to consume coloring agents and artificial flavors for your overall wellness.

Can Tequila Really Aid Weight Loss?

There is no evident proof that drinking tequila may be linked to weight loss. A contrary theory states that the insulin content present in agavins disappear once they are fermented and distilled which makes it nothing more than a regular alcoholic drink. 

No matter how many health benefits are being associated with it, at the end of the day, it is an alcohol and should be consumed only in moderation.

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