Also commonly known as a love bite, hickies are bruises caused by sucking or kissing the skin too hard.Have you been hiding that hickies with a scarf? When hickies are made in places where people can see it, it can be quiet embarrassing.

Here are some remedies to help remove these marks of love from your skin:

  • Ice or cold compress-Hickies are generally caused by the formation of blood clots. When you apply something cold, these blood vessels will move apart and spread out, which will reduce any pain or swelling and also lighten the mark.Use should not apply ice directly to the skin, instead wrap them in a piece of cloth and apply.It may sound stupid, but if a spoon that is kept in the freezer is applied to the affected area it will help in making the mark disappear completely if done a couple of times a day.
  • Massage-Constricted blood vessels only cause marks, which is what happens when you get a hickey. If you massage and rub the area a couple of times a day, it will help distribute the collected blood vessels and reduce the discoloration caused by the kiss.
  • Vitamin K-Vitamin K prevents blood from coagulation due to which reason it is used to treat wounds. This vitamin quickens the healing process.So if you want to quickly get rid of that hickey mark, consume foods rich in Vitamin K such as broccoli, brown rice, etc…
  • Makeup-If your hickey is that severe, then the only way to completely cover up is to use makeup. Do not forget to use a concealer, blended well with face powder or compact.
  • Tinned Tuna-Splatter tuna fish and its oil from the can onto the affected area and dry using a hair dryer. Wash off after 15-20 minutes after completely dry.You’ll be surprised to see the mark disappeared.
  • Toothpaste-A toothpaste containing mint can remove hickeys. Mint is said to help break up the blood vessels of the formed clot.Spread liberally and wash off once dry. Apply it only once a day as it can sometimes lead to inflammation on excessive usage.
  • Arnica Plant-Arnica made from the extracts of the arnica plant can be made into a cream that reduce redness and swelling; and even heals the broken capillaries in the skin due to which we need not notice any scars caused by hickies.
  • Vitamin C-Vitamin C helps produce collagen in our bodies that are essential for producing more blood vessels to repair itself. All fruits rich in Vitamin C help the body repair itself.