Living well with Hepatitis is possible. Few lifestyle changes can make your Hepatitis C medication work better and it will also make you feel good. Read on to know-how:

Say No to Alcohol and Smoking

Consuming alcohol, smoking, injecting drugs are bad for the liver. They make it harder for your Hepatitis C treatment to get rid of your body of the virus. The liver tries to metabolize or eliminate everything that is potentially harmful to your health, such as alcohol and drugs. But if there are too many of these substances, your liver will be damaged. At least reduce the use of alcohol. Talk to your physician if you can’t stop on your own. They may suggest alcohol treatment or counseling. 

Careful with the Intakes

Use prescribed medications as advised by your doctor or you can even use other herbal or alternative therapies, which can be useful for your Hepatitis C treatment.

Hydrate Yourself All Time

Drink plenty of water all the time, especially if you are on Hepatitis C treatment. During the process, you will have dry skin and mouth. Time hydration helps with side effects.

Healthy Weight

Exercise regularly and maintain healthy weight. Being obese or having diabetes can harm your liver more. To prevent this, maintain a healthy weight.  The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends the adults to do some regular and moderate-intensity physical activity for at least 30 minutes at least five days of the week.

Eat Healthy

You can maintain healthy weight by maintaining a good diet. It will help you lose weight and can be helpful during your Hepatitis C treatment. Eat well and boost your immune system and lower your chance of further damage to your liver. Eat well, take rest and reduce stress.

Safe Sex

Hepatitis is a communicable disease that can spread through bodily fluids. Practice safe sex and protect each other from Hepatitis C

Look out for these and maintain a healthy diet, exercise every day, drink lots and lots of water and quit smoking and drinking as advised above to live well with Hepatitis C.