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5 Facts about Kidney Disease

5 Facts about kidney disease

Kidneys are organs that filter out all the impurities and excesses from the body. Everyone is blessed with two kidneys. There have been instances where people have survived with only one kidney.

Facts about kidney disease:

Ways to lower the risk of kidney disease:

Eating healthy can lower the risk of getting diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease. By eating healthy we mean eating a diet that is:

  1. Low in salt
  2. Low in fat
  3. High in fiber
  4. Eat frequent meals in tiny portions

Tobacco can cause endless problems to your body. Apart from increasing your blood pressure, it is known to cause severe heart problems. Tobacco can speed up the progress of a kidney disease. So it is best avoided.

Alcohol is said to increase blood pressure. It even contains a lot of sugar content. So it’s bad for both the blood pressure and sugar levels in the body. So limit your consumption of alcohol to remain healthy.

Everyone should undertake some kind of exercise or the other. Exercise keeps your body fit and keeps it strong to fight off diseases, by improving the immune system.

Take up the activity that you enjoy. It could be walking or even something as adventurous as trekking.

Medications are important for some people to keep their sugar and pressure levels in check. Kidney related diseases arise only when sugar and pressure levels are not maintained.

Having high cholesterol will only increase the complications and increase the risk of suffering from kidney diseases. When you are already a patient of diabetes, the risks are higher of kidney malfunction when you club it with high cholesterol.

So keep those kidney’s safe and don’t neglect your health.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf




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