Caffeine for weight loss

Caffeine is a plant-based stimulant. Only very few plants like coffee, tea, and cocoa contain caffeine which is widely consumed in all regions, globally.  Caffeine is also added to artificial beverages like carbonated drinks. It stimulates the central nervous system, improves brain function and helps us stay awake.  Caffeine is also influential in regulating metabolic activities. People swear by taking caffeine for weight loss. Some studies have even concluded that it is effective in weight loss. 

How Does Caffeine Help in Weight Loss?

We have always put this drug under the scanner and have been skeptical about its intake through coffee and other beverages. There are a number of studies that have been done on various dimensions of its effects on our body. In one such clinical experiment, it was found that caffeine actually might help in weight loss.  There is proof to back this claim however weighing its bad and good effect on overall well being is left to the reader’s choice. 

What Caffeine Does in Our Body for Weight Loss?


Caffeine works in many ways keeping weight loss alone in mind. 

1. Increases Metabolism

Studies have shown that caffeine increases the body’s metabolism by 11% and is capable of burning fat during metabolic activities in the digestive system. 

 2. Burns Calories

Caffeine stimulates the body’s thermogenesis and that helps burn more calories even without any physical activity.

3.  Appetite Suppression

This is a very prominent effect that many coffee drinkers have experienced. You can subdue hunger by drinking caffeine-containing beverages which in turn lessen your food intake.

4. Suppresses Food Cravings

Caffeine changes the way food tastes to our taste buds temporarily. Other foods may not feel tasty after taking caffeine-containing beverages.

5. Makes You Indefatigable during Workouts

Having caffeinated drinks just before you start your workout helps you feel energetic throughout the workout session.  This in turn aids in increasing your workout repetitions. 

6. Fat Burning during Exercise

Caffeine makes you burn stored fat instead of calories during heavy workouts. 

7.  Prevent Weight Regain

In a small study conducted in a group of women, it was found that caffeine prevents weight gain after weight loss. 

Take Away

Caffeine for weight loss needs more study. However, caffeine supplements are already available in the market under various brand names and forms like powders and pills.  Scientific studies suggest that caffeine might help in losing weight and prevent weight regain. It works in various direct and indirect ways and helps reduce body weight.  We can’t deny that these claims need more research. However moderate caffeine intake doesn’t affect you’re well being.