The face and the skin of the human body get regular care with the help of lotions and sunscreens. Similarly, your hair and scalp also deserve care and attention. Most of the hair dryness and scalp damage issues arise due to sun exposure. One can avoid scalp damage by applying sunscreen specially formulated for the scalp. Make a plan to protect your scalp from the sun by applying sunscreen at least before you go outside. The fashion market provides several types of sunscreens. Out of that, one can choose the best scalp sunscreen spray or fluid, or lotion according to their scalp type.

Why does the scalp need sunscreen?

Our scalp is covered with dense hairs and the sunlight won’t enter the scalp mostly. But it doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. According to studies, prolonged sun exposure to your scalp might cause UV damage which can lead to inflammation. This will affect your hair growth adversely which means your hair growth phase will become short and the hairs will become brittle due to dehydration. A short hair growth phase indicates less hair resting and more hair fall. If this phase continues for a certain time, then it will lead to decreased hair quality and the follicles might not be able to generate new hair. 

To avoid all these adverse effects, one needs to use scalp sunscreen either in the form of scrubs, sprays, powders, or serums.

How Can I Protect My Scalp Better?

To answer this question, here we can check out the best scalp sunscreens for your head in 2022.

  • Coola Organic Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30

Coola Organic Scalp and Hair Mist SPF 30 contains gotu kola extract and monoi oil. Thanks to these ingredients nourish both your scalp and hair. The gotu kola extract aids in protecting your roots from a sticky appearance. With the help of monoi oil, the hairs will look smooth and nourished. The smoothing fruit oil acts like a serum. Holding several benefits, Coola Organic Scalp is the best scalp sunscreen spray overall according to the Good Housekeeping Institute. 

  • Poof 100% Mineral Part and Scalp Powder SPF 45

Poof 100% Mineral Part is a scalp sunscreen powder that works great in all skin types. This is a chemical-free powder that contains silica, vitamin C and SPF 45. The silica helps to absorb excess oil in your scalp, vitamin C is for protecting the antioxidants and SPF 45 is there to keep your scalp sunburn-free. This scalp powder is suitable for dry and flaky scalps too. 

  • Mele No Shade Sunscreen Oil

This sunscreen is a great option for those who prefer oil formulas to nourish their scalp. Mele No Shade Sunscreen Oil is a non-greasy, lightweight, and fast-absorbing formula. The sunscreen gives SPF 30 broad-spectrum coverage to protect your scalp against UVA and UVB rays. This sunscreen goes on smoothly and you can apply it on your face and body too. The oil helps strengthen your skin by protecting the collagen-producing cells. Mele No Shade Sunscreen Oil is the best value scalp sunscreen out of these three sunscreen products.