As we grow old, our hair starts showing the signs of aging as well. When we age our hair become brittle and dry and we might even experience hair fall. But healthy hair can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

So here are some tips to make your hair look and feel younger:

  • Cut down on shampoo-Shampoos strip your hair of the shine and also washes away the lipids present in your hair that are responsible to prevent hair breakage.As we grow older, out scalp produces less lipid. So to conserve our lipids, try shampooing only at the roots and also opt for moisture locking shampoos. Do not forget to make sure you get your hair squeaky clean as shampoo residue also make hair dull.
  • Do not comb wet hair –Now how many people really listen to this piece of advice? Our hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet. Do not comb when it wet. Instead apply conditioner and run a wide tooth comb when still in the shower.
  • Stay away from the heating appliances-Heat destroys your hair. Problems of frizz, flyaways and dryness are all caused by using curling irons, straightening irons or blow driers.If at all you have to use them, use them sparingly and don’t forget to spray on heat protecting spray before styling. You can also opt to buy ceramic irons or ionic blow dryers that don’t cause as much harm as the regular heating appliances.
  • Avoid alcohol-Avoid both the intake of alcohol as well as the use of hair products that contain alcohol. Alcohol strips the hair of all its essential oils. So make sure you steer clear of products that contain alcohol.
  • Sun Protection-Do not forget to protect your hair from the sun. The UV rays of the sun can cause pre-mature aging of your hair. Cover up using a hat and you can even spray on sun protection spray to your hair to protect it from further damage in the summer.
  • Shower filter-Prevent mineral build up in your hair by installing a shower head that filters out all the chlorine and other minerals that ruin your hair.
  • Avoid tying your hair-Tying your hair up in a ponytail causes a lot of stress on your hair and can result in its breakage. If at all you have to tie one, make sure it’s real loose and doesn’t tug at the roots.

Take good care of your hair to make sure it lasts your entire lifetime. Keep it squeaky clean and nourished will all the required essential oils, not forgetting to treat it for any problems that you may encounter in the process such as hair fall, dandruff and dry hair.
Care is the only thing that can save your hair from growing old along with you.