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Tips and tricks to get your baby sleep entire night

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It is quite usual bringing your little bundle of joy to home from hospital and the baby not sleeping entire night peacefully. By this point, parent’s gets exhausted and the need for sleep will become essential. Parents cry and get confused how on earth can get the baby to sleep. Almost all parents face this situation a few days after delivery. To overcome stress here are given some proven tips and tricks to make your baby sleep the entire night.
1. Know baby’s sleep routine

Sleep routine

A newborn baby will stay awake 20 to 30 minutes and when your baby gets older by 3 months, they will stay awake for an hour or so. Once you feed your baby and get the diaper changed, do spend the time to play with the little one. Your baby will show early signs of tiredness and they will sleep for longer. A sleep cycle will take around 45 minutes and if you keep them in a crib and give them a little pat, they would sleep fast.
2. Babies love to be swaddled

Baby being swaddled

Young babies love to be swaddled because they came out of the womb where they were tightly held for 9 months. There are swaddle blankets available which are really a miracle and they are proven to improve babies sleep. The swaddle remains lightweight, washable and doesn’t get overheated.
3. Have a sleep routine

sleep routine

There should be a proper sleep routine for nap time and bedtime which will really help your baby sleep throughout the night. Make sure morning and afternoon, your child has a small nap time. Don’t make them sleep more during daytime. The mother should spend sometimes playing and cuddling with the baby during daytime. This would help the child to sleep during night early for longer a time.
4. Avoid using sleep props

sleep props

Most new mom’s uses sleep props on regular basis to get the baby sleep at the night. For an instance, the baby will fall asleep but remember it may not work out for a longer time. Every mother uses the prop feeding them to make fall the baby asleep. Every time you would be required to awake at night around 6 to 8 times to feed them because only your breast would make the baby back to sleep. Remember this solution is not going to be a permanent one. You should learn how to put your baby to sleep naturally instead of using any sleep props.

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