As spooky and scary as Halloween is, so are the Halloween health hazards that follow. The practices associated with the celebration of Halloween can have unanticipated consequences, and the following are the root cause and some health facts about Halloween:

Face/Body paints

Halloween calls for makeovers, and face paints can be a necessity to achieve the look. There can be a few components in the paint that can lead to allergic reactions on the skin. Elements like lead or toxins in the paint can be the cause. If the paint is not skin-friendly, it can also clog the pores. 


Candies are an essential element of the festivity. As sweet as the candies are, there can be several not-so-sweet effects.

  • Dental problems

The sugar content in the candies can be the origin of dental issues. The chewy kind of candies is more likely to stick to the teeth’s surface, leading to cavities and plague. 

  • Black licorice

It is crucial to trace the amount of black licorice you consume in the form of candies. According to the FDA, for an individual over 40 years of age, about 2 ounces of Black licorice consumed eventually for two weeks can lead to hospitalization. It is because the substance can reduce the amount of potassium in the body. 

  • Rainbow Fentanyl

The spread of rainbow fentanyl drugs is quite high this Halloween season. The colorful pills are a threat, as these can get addictive, and even an extra grain of the drug can lead to death. As it can be difficult to trace the drug pill from the candy pile, be extra careful. 

Contact lenses

One cannot purchase contact lenses without a prescription. But come Halloween, you can purchase contact lenses from any arts and crafts store. So remember the potential risks involved. These lenses can be the right fit for your makeover, with popping colors, but they can also lead to infection in the eyes, especially in the cornea. 

Face masks

The face masks that one might wear with their Halloween costumes should not be a hindrance to their view and vision. The eye space through which one can look has to be wide enough, and the mask has to be breathable. Choose face masks made up of porous materials that can ventilate. Thick material that is too synthetic can lead to skin rashes or even difficulty breathing. 

Road accidents

During Halloween, there are more traffic fatalities and accidents than at any other time. The costumes worn play a crucial role in the unfortunate occurrence. The number of children and teenagers hit by vehicles is nearly three times higher on Halloween day, and this is why Halloween is dangerous for kids.

Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin decors are a must when it comes to Halloween. The process of carving pumpkins can be a little tricky and lead to injuries. One can opt for smaller carving tools instead of large sharp knives to avoid such happenings. 

Flame resistant outfits

It is necessary to be cautious.  A flame-resistant outfit can help prevent potential burns. The costume can have props that can become prey to fire. Such fabrics will take time to catch fire, reducing the chances of burning quickly. 

Preventive measures

  • After trick-or-treating, make sure to have a look at all the candies collected. Browse through them and then consume them instead of having them right away. 
  • Opt for food-based or non-toxic paints, as it is a safe option even if the substance gets in the eyes or ingested by any chance. 
  • Wear bright-colored clothes or clothes with reflectors on them to avoid road accidents. 
  • Prioritize the comfort and safety of the costume worn to prevent mishappenings or discomfort. 
  • If you are going for masks with your Halloween costume, make sure to wear ones with a larger opening in the eyes for better visibility. 

Celebrate this Halloween holiday to the fullest with a few things to remember. This blog hopes to bring awareness about Halloween health hazards. Please visit the doctor immediately in case of any unfortunate circumstances or to know more about Halloween facts for health.