If asked for anyone which is the safest place in the world? Everybody knows the answer, home. But, are our homes really safe? This thought scares us. The majorly perceived thought of people about air pollution can be experienced only outdoors. How many of us know? The air we breathe at our own den is more injurious than outdoors. It’s time to get some answers to these scary thoughts about indoor air pollution. Pollutants can be carried to the air inside your homes in varies ways and the most shocking host is the human hair on our very floor. Other factors will be the breeze, clothes, hair sprays, nail paints, shedding of cats, dogs and much more.

Remedies to prevent indoor pollution

In the Living Area

  • Use doormat outside the house
  • Keep your Dustbins closed & clean them twice
  • Always vacuum carpets, sofa, beds
  • Sweep & mop floors daily

In the Kitchen

  • Always have your exhaust on
  • Make homemade cleaners
  • Do dishes immediately

In the bedrooms

  • Never seal any odor good/bad
  • Minimize use of Air Conditioner (Carbon Monoxide is injurious)
  • Wash all beddings weekly

In the Bathrooms

  • Fix Water Leaks
  • Clean toilet on a daily basis
  • Leave bathroom doors closed always
Air Purifier
Air Purifier

Cleanliness is next to godliness, is not just a saying but is a proven truth. Further major steps to control the pollutants in the air are to make sure windows are open 80% of the time if it’s not too cold. We can remove carpeting, if possible and strictly ban smoking indoors. Test for radon; give your pets a regular and yourself a daily bath irrespective of the climate. Posses air filter plus make it a habit to change the filters every now and then. Try to stay dry as much as possible to control indoor air pollution. This not only controls pollution indoor but will help us breathe fresh air at least at home.